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   Dec 31


I’m ending the year the same way I started it – in my beloved San Francisco. This was a banner year for trips to the City: 9, an all-time high since moving to Hooterville four years ago. There was a lot more travel this year, some less fun (Atlanta) than others (LA). This was a […]

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   Dec 27

Merry Christmas!

Sunny Christmas Morning Our Christmas Day (aka Boxing Day or St. Stephen’s Day, neither of which exist here in the US of A) dawned sunny and beautiful, as you can see above. As the day progressed, it warmed up enough to have the doors open while I cleaned the house and got everything ready for […]

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   Dec 25

Christmas “Eve”

Christmas Morning Merry Christmas to everyone who’s not related to me! For those who are, this is Christmas Eve. My sibs’ work schedules mean that we will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow. Someone’s gotta be there to deal with those holiday emergencies. I woke up to a sunny day but put the lights on anyway. If […]

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   Dec 23


Some days the jobette hardly seems like work at all. Take last Tuesday, for example. I got up when it was light outside, had coffee, and made my way to the South Coast in the fancy new car. The new car (as yet unnamed – any suggestions?) has a 30 day warranty, and I think […]

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   Dec 21


There’s nothing like driving The Beater to motivate a girl to buy a real car. After an exhaustive (and exhausting) search, I finally located a car that met my two criteria of a) less than ten thousand dollars and 2) less than one hundred thousand miles on it. You’d be amazed by how hard it […]

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   Dec 19


You all know that we have known our “nephew” Jarrett since he was about four years old, right? When we met, my brother and sister were living on boats at Pier 39* and Jarrett’s Mom was one of their neighbors**. Jarrett was a cute little kid with no father in his life, so my siblings […]

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   Dec 16

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

Hello! The other day, my sister pointed out that I have been remiss in not mentioning The Puppies. Yes, dear readers. I have been so busy with work and travel and Thanksgiving and car problems and, more importantly, complaining about these things, that I have failed to mention the presence of puppies in our lives. […]

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   Dec 13

‘Tis the Season

Inland snow The record-breaking cold snap is finally beginning to lose its grip, though it’s still a lot colder than it should be. It’s beginning to feel like the White Witch is running things around here – always freezing, no rain. At least it’s stayed above freezing the past couple of nights and the pipes […]

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   Dec 09

The Big Chill

So the pipes are frozen. Again. They were also frozen yesterday morning, despite the fact that I left the tap running in the bathroom both nights, not an easy thing for a Californian to do after so little rain for so long. Not that it helped, though. So I apparently wasted water for nothing. Even […]

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   Dec 06


The insurance adjustor checked out Miss Scarlett yesterday, and as we expected, the news was not good. The repairs needed to get her back on the road again exceeded her current street value, so they declared her a total loss. The adjustor asked if I could remove my personal items* from the car so they […]

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   Dec 04


It’s 6:15 am, and it’s 44 degrees F/6 degrees C inside my house. Winter’s here! Here’s yesterday’s schedule: 5:30 am Get up and make coffee. Glad that I brought coffee and small French press with me to avoid the equally horrifying possibilities of in room coffee or having to go and get coffee in the […]

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   Dec 03


The St Francis on Union Square Yesterday I magically hailed a cab with Megan-like ease and headed to the grand St. Francis Hotel, the storied establishment which survived the ’06 quake and the Fatty Arbuckle scandal, and still has a gentleman on staff whose job is to wash the coins given out to guests, a […]

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   Dec 02

Suzylocks and the Three Cars

I’m coming to you from the modest motel in San Francisco, where the foghorns are blowing up a storm, so I’m guessing it’s dark grey outside. You may wonder how I got here with Miss Scarlett in the shop and the loaner Honda clearly not up to the road trip. The day after Thanksgiving, Megan, […]

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   Dec 01

Thanksgiving Roundup

Wow, I really have a lot of catching up to do! Today I’m getting ready for a quick and business-like trip to San Francisco, and I haven’t even told you about Thanksgiving yet. In keeping with the the theme, I was clearly having too much fun at Thanksgiving to take pictures. I took pictures of […]

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