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   Apr 30

Happy Summer?

Rhododendrons in my garden this evening The calendar may say April – just – but summer has come to Hooterville. In the usual way of summer, it made a dramatic entrance, hitting its unsuspecting audience over the head with a sledgehammer of heat while giggling wickedly. When I came home from the cool climes of […]

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   Apr 29


Take that, 11! Something about working on Saturday always makes me feel like I’m being punished. It’s like detention. No one else has to work but you! No wonder I love The Breakfast Club so much. Though it does beg the question of whether we really ever get out of high school. Even though Friday’s […]

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   Apr 26

Cat Conspiracy

Garden Audrey I’m back home in Hooterville. The cats definitely missed me. Both boys sat on me simultaneously on Thursday night while I watched the hockey playoffs – which did not end satisfactorily – and Audrey sat on my lap when I went to bed to read. Both she and Roscoe slept with me, though […]

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   Apr 24

Museum Musings

View from the museum: palm tree and Sutro Tower After the conference yesterday, Wednesday and I headed out to the De Young Museum. It was her first visit, and I figured it was high time that young lady got some culture under her formerly shiny hood*. The big draw this time, like Hockney last time, […]

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   Apr 22


I’m coming to you from the modest motel that is my home away from home in San Francisco, just three blocks away from my former, immodest home*. I still feel comfortable in my old ‘hood. I have the door open, to admit sunshine and breezes, and the Detroit-Boston playoffs game on. The heart I left […]

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   Apr 20


Happy birthday to my blog! It’s a sullen thirteen years old today! Tomorrow I’m off to San Francisco, where my blog was born, which seems appropriate. First visit to the City this year – clearly I will not keep up with last year’s record-setting pace of nine trips in twelve months. At least I remembered […]

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   Apr 18

No Fun*

I stayed up late on Wednesday night and was rewarded by a midnight power outage. I was mystified by this, since it wasn’t rainy or windy, and annoyed by this, since I love the accoutrements and comforts of civilization. Fortunately, I still had a flashlight by my bed, and headed downstairs to call my buddies […]

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   Apr 12

On the Beach

Navarro Beach When work permits, I’ve been going for walks with Megan and Stella on Thursday afternoons. When Megan wakes up after the last of her long night shifts, she gets caffeinated and calls me when she’s ready to deal with the Stellanator. Stella is a lot of dog, and not just because she weighs […]

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   Apr 08

Play Date

If it’s Friday, it must be play day… Last Friday, I thoroughly enjoyed a teenage production of The Breakfast Club, and this Friday, Megan, Rob and I attended a performance of the play Other Desert Cities. Daughter Brooke, a Democrat, author, and survivor of a nervous breakdown (not necessarily in that order) returns home to […]

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   Apr 04

Bureaucratic Hell(s)

I was supposed to have jury duty in the Big Town on the day of Deputy Del Fiorentino’s service. Little did I imagine when I got the summons the month before that it would be one of the saddest days in the County’s history. Needless to say, all trials were cancelled for that day, but […]

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   Apr 02

The New Audrey

Clyde rests up from a day of naughtiness No cold water was needed in the shower on this chilly morning. The water never gets that hot on cold days, since the flash heater is located outside rather than inside, as the manufacturer wisely suggests. Even Whoosh! couldn’t clear the cobwebs from my head (or the […]

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