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The unusual rain gave way to unnatural heat. It’s been way too hot for way too long. Looking at the weather forecast makes me want to cry. At first, they said it would go away on Monday, but now it looks like Thursday before we can get onto the back burner. I hate the front […]

Monica’s Birthday
June 29th, 2013 by suzy in Friends 2 Comments

The unexpected rain also derailed Monica’s plans for her birthday party on the beach. As the day grew nearer and the weather forecast became more ominous, it became clear that she would have to come up with a Plan B. Fortunately, a friend who has a large, mostly covered deck was able to host the […]

Wild, Wild Life
June 25th, 2013 by suzy in Cats,Country Life 2 Comments

Well, the rain has finally stopped, leaving 1.6 inches in the rain gauge and battered honeysuckle petals on the ground. I woke to sun shining in the skylight – on some mornings, the sun seems way too sunny and cheerful when aimed directly at my face – and Audrey growling up a storm. I discovered […]

Rainy Morning
June 25th, 2013 by suzy in Cats,Weather,Work 2 Comments

As I write, it’s raining outside. And inside, too – I was temporarily blinded by cold rainwater dripping in my eye on the way to the coffee pot this morning. I can hear the soft plop of rain falling on the wood floor as I type. Oddly, the kitties are outside. The boys will eventually […]

At the jobette, we feature a local artists each month. On the first Friday of the month, shops and art galleries stay open late, and in the summer, that’s when the farmers’ market is open downtown. So it’s pretty festive. This month, our artists were a group of women who immigrated from Mexico. They live […]

Wrapping up the Week
June 15th, 2013 by suzy in Cats,Country Life,Work 1 Comment

I’m coming to you from the jobette, where things are more annoying than usual. I arrived to find that there is a car show blocking off the street, so I had to park elsewhere and then make my way through the maddening crowds to get to work. Not being able to park at work – […]

When I got home, it was clear the kitties missed me. Clyde came running up to me meowing, and climbed up my (always) left arm to bury his little head against my neck, purring*. Roscoe slunk into the house and let me pet him before stalking off, and Audrey sat on my lap and went […]

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to stay at a different hotel this time, mostly due to the internet access issues at the usual place. As so often happens, I was wrong about everything. My knowledge of San Francisco’s neighborhoods has clearly deteriorated since becoming a bumpkin. I thought Hotel B was in North Beach, […]

Après Anniversaire
June 7th, 2013 by suzy in San Francisco 2 Comments

Despite going to bed after midnight, I woke up the day after my birthday at a dispiriting 5:45 am. Sleeping in is not among my few talents. I discovered to my horror that there was no coffee in the hotel room, necessitating the almost unspeakable ordeal of having to get dressed and face the outside […]

My birthday dawned foggy, but the sun began to shine as I stepped out of my taxi in front of the Four Seasons. The doorman said, “Nice to see you, miss,” which he probably says to everyone but which made me feel special. I have loved doormen since the one at the Huntington Hotel rescued […]

The trip to the city – well, the preparations for the trip – were not exactly snagless. I went to check the car fluids, and on propping the hood open on a stick in the usual way, discovered that the oil cap was missing. A look around Miss Scarlett’s interior revealed nothing. Since I only […]

It’s my birthday eve and I am off to San Francisco to celebrate. The city seems to be my celebration theme this year, since I also kicked off the new year by going there. This time, I’m attending a seminar on my actual birthday, and then the seminar hosts are grandly taking us all to […]

June 1st, 2013 by suzy in Dogs,Family,Friends 2 Comments

Yesterday, Megan and I headed to the Big Town to run a few errands before meeting Monica for a drink at what is rapidly becoming our usual place, the Whale Watch Bar at Little River Inn. Monica and Joe had to put their dog Drew to sleep this week, so Megan thought that buying Monica […]