Good morning, Reno!

This morning, I trekked down to the lobby to get a coffee which turned out to be maybe 50% better than the alarming in room coffee. Maybe it’s something in the water. I miss my French press.

I returned to the room with the coffee and an almond croissant (Why not? I’m on vacation! Sort of) and opened the gold curtains to unveil the sight you see above. How’s that for a good start to the day?

Yesterday, I took a cab to the meetings, which went well. The guys I met with were really nice and have some great ideas about how they can help to make our workflow more efficient. They also had a professional lead for me and the names of good Thai restaurants in the area. They did not seem to notice the disgraceful condition of my nails, and drove me back to the hotel as well. On the way, they told me that Reno is at 5,000 feet above sea level, about the same as Denver, and has 300 sunny days a year. They also get about two weeks of snow a year. The rest of the winter, it stays on the mountains for skiing.

Back at the hotel, I called the spa to see about repairing the manicure situation. They had an appointment that afternoon. I reported to the spa, which was lovely and luxurious, and ended up hanging out there all afternoon, before and after the much-needed nail beautification (they are now a lovely, luminous shade called Vexatious Violet and have stopped frightening children and small animals).

The spa is on several floors. The first has the reception area and separate men’s and women’s areas. You are equipped with an incredible plush robe and slippers, and there are lockers (with welcome dark chocolate) and showers, replete with shampoo, conditioner, and just about anything else you can think of. The water cascades from the ceiling and the walls. There are lounge chairs, a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and cold plunge. Also glossy magazines to flip through idly, and internet access so you can email your sister while lying on your lounge chair.

The next floor has the treatment rooms, and the top floor has a fountain pool heated to about 90 degrees, hot and cold jacuzzis:

and a wonderful area called The Secret Garden, with tropical plants and reclining massage chairs equipped with iPods and noise canceling headphones. There are juices, water infused with citrus, coffee, and Tea Forte to drink, along with fruit, snacks, and iced cucumber slices for your eyes. The staff told me that you can also order room service to be delivered here, though they warned that it will take half an hour to arrive. When it does, it comes on a silver tray carried by a uniformed waiter. Of course.

This room leads out to a sun deck:

where you can lounge in the sun or the shade, and look down on the people in the pool:

You know how I love looking down on the little people. 🙂

After you shower in luxury, you can blow dry your hair in comfort in this little room:

They will bring you brushes, curling irons, even make-up. Primp away!

It was an incredible experience. I just wished that Megan was there to share it with me.

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3 comments on “Luxurious

  1. Guy Charbonneau

    Wow, what a nice change from your last experience, glad you were able to enjoy how the other half lives, I’m really happy for you, more to come I’m sure.

  2. Kelly

    Who knew Reno was so fab?

  3. suzy

    It’s not – but the spa is! You would have LOVED it!

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