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   Apr 30


But it hasn’t all been divorce and (melo)drama. A couple of weeks ago, we had a lovely Friday evening. Megan and I went to the Village to look for books for Jessica’s birthday, which, as every right-thinking person knows, is every April 15. Originally we were looking for books on Hindu mythology, but we struck […]

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   Apr 27

One of Those Days

Well, yesterday was not fun. It kicked off with a series of conference calls at 7 am which ran until 1:00 pm. When they ended, I headed to the Big Town to meet with the Family Law Facilitator again. She is in the Big Town one day a month; otherwise, she’s at the county seat, […]

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   Apr 24

Four More Pages

On Friday, I wrapped up some work and some presents for Jessica and headed over to the family property for Jessica’s birthday BBQ. It had been a while since I’d been over there, and things are rocking and rolling in the garden: Those are onions and garlic in the foreground, with a new frame for […]

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   Apr 21

(Welcome) Home Improvements

Megan’s way of welcoming me home As you can see, Megan replenished the laundry supplies while I was gone. Megan’s little house has wiring even more eccentric than mine, and considerably weaker. She can’t run a washer or dryer, so she uses mine. She usually keeps the laundry room supplied, but due to one thing […]

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   Apr 18

Home Again

I’m back home in sunny Hooterville. The kitties came running out to see me. Even Audrey the Grumposuarus wanted to be petted, and later crashed out on the top of the armoire as if relieved to no longer be in charge. I cuddled the boys – Audrey does not tolerate the indignity of such things […]

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   Apr 17

Sunny & Careless

Well, the conference is over for another year. It was interesting and I learned a lot (though some of it was a little depressing as far as a world economic view), but I’m ready to go home to the kitties and not have to wear uncomfortable dress up clothes for a while. I meandered back […]

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   Apr 16

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Well, today didn’t turn out exactly as planned… I woke up before the alarm at 5:45 am and made some bad in room coffee, then repaired back to bed to read my fan mail and gradually come to terms with the horrors of waking up. Eventually, I got in the shower, armed with Lush soap […]

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   Apr 15

Birthday City

First things first: happy birthday to Miss Jessica, who turns ten today. Ten, folks. Double digits! We are having a family barbecue for her on Friday, since I am currently in San Francisco. Megan told me that she called Jessica last week to ask her what she wanted for her birthday dinner, but Jessica was […]

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   Apr 13

I’ll Drink to That

After Megan and I closed up shop on Saturday, we stopped at the garden center to get my delayed ground cover: It’s a plant called Lithadora, which sounds like a Harry Potter character, and this type is named White Star. I think it will look nice with the heather* and alyssum in the areas by […]

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   Apr 11

Wine and Roses (Well, Flowers)

It wasn’t all storms last weekend, though. On Friday, I did an extra shift at the jobette to finish up a project. I finished about half an hour later than I expected, crushing my grandiose dreams of stopping at the nursery for more ground cover. I had an appointment with the wonderful Angelika that afternoon […]

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   Apr 08

A Dark and Stormy Night

It’s been a strange winter. We had storms and power outages much earlier in the season than usual, and last night, we had one much later than usual. I woke up around midnight when the power went out. Even though it’s always quiet here, I guess the sudden total silence instead of the humming of […]

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   Apr 04

Breakfast of Champions

On Sunday, I woke up to the sound of birds singing and the ocean pounding against the rocks and cliffs. I drove homeward through the same striking scenery, really pleased that I had taken the time to explore a different part of the County. I stopped in the town of Elk (population 200 or so, […]

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