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   Feb 27

PS (Post Snow)

Well, the snow was quite exciting. I guess those of you to whom snow is a common occurrence and nuisance (all that shoveling! Slush! Ugh!), it must seem about as silly as getting excited about a toothache, but it’s a real rarity here. I’m not sure when it last snowed in Hooterville, but in San […]

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   Feb 26

Snow Day!

Winter Wonderland I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. I set the coffee to brew, then grabbed my cute boots (which were magically turned into snow boots from rain boots) and my coat, threw them on over my kitty PJs and ran outside to take pictures. The moon was winking at me in […]

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   Feb 25

Three Cat Night (and Day)

Last night was definitely a three cat night. Or at least this morning was. I woke up to below-freezing temperatures and a discouraging forecast of 38 degrees for the daytime high. Roscoe was lying on my legs, Audrey next to them and Clyde was on the pillow. As soon as I sat up, though, they […]

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   Feb 24

The Dynamic Duo

It’s no secret that Audrey is not the kittens’ biggest fan. She stares at them in disgust from her perch on the stairs, and whenever they cross her path, they are greeted with the growl’n’swipe. I’ve seen them get the G&S when they’re all outside and the boys are nowhere near Audrey. But when it […]

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   Feb 23


Monday was one of those semi holidays that only the US of A seems to specialize in. The banks are closed, the post office is closed, but you still have to work. People who live in other countries equipped with better vacation policies will be shocked to their relaxed cores to learn that most of […]

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   Feb 22

Covet: Necklaces

I love Erica Weiner’s work. She re-uses and re-purposes objects in a magical and delightful way. Have a look and you’ll see what I mean. All of these are one of a kind, so once some lucky person buys them (hopefully you), they’re gone! This love token necklace ($165) happens to be engraved with the […]

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   Feb 21


Come on over and set a spell While my cookie baking skills may be lacking, my shopping skills are unparalleled. I managed to shop while not being at the store (or online), with no money, and I didn’t even have to bring the purchases home! In fact, the purchases arrived at my house before I […]

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   Feb 20

Cookie Monster

Hey! I just found something else I can’t do: bake cookies! Notice that I didn’t say “make” cookies. My incompetence is even more impressive when you take into account that I was merely cutting pieces off logs of dough (made by my sister), applying them to a baking sheet, and putting them into the already […]

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   Feb 19

A(n) Update

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but A is still in Intensive Care over in London. It’s been six long weeks now, which you’d think would be a record-breaker. It’s been a scary roller coaster, too, with high fevers, sudden blood pressure drops, and words like “fistula” being bandied around (I suggest that […]

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   Feb 18

Rainy Day Kitties

The storm seems to have blown out of here for now, leaving ragged clouds in a windswept blue sky and an inch and a half of rain in the rain gauge. It rained so much and so steadily yesterday that the kitties had little to no interest in going outside. They did venture out a […]

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   Feb 17

Snow Day

Spot the kitty, Thursday edition It’s been a wild weather trip this week, my friends. Yesterday featured rain, wind, hail, sunshine, and thunder. It actually snowed on the higher elevations. My neighbor Jim was driving back to Hooterville from a shopping expedition to Santa Rosa when it started to snow. He took the opportunity to […]

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   Feb 15

Super-ish Suzy

Volunteer daffodil in my garden I did move the orchids and tulips before I went to work yesterday morning. I pulled on my cute rain boots, a hat Lu made me (for some reason, it’s the hat I usually wear when it rains), and my coat over my kitty PJs and ventured out into the […]

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   Feb 14

Rainy Monday

Sunday afternoon spider The halcyon days of sunny days and starry nights are over. I think it’s been three weeks since it rained, and I believe we have another foot of rain due to us. After all, it is winter. The rain woke me up this morning, clattering on the roof. I have been up […]

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   Feb 12

Week One

Audrey on Alert Well, the first week of the jobette is over. It’s been a pretty big adjustment for being a jobette, though. Add all that driving and dressing up, and trying to fit in my original job (6 am conference calls, anyone?) to the million and one house and cat related duties, and you […]

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   Feb 08

First Day

Yesterday was my first day at the new job (well, jobette, since it’s only about 20 hours a week). I got up around 6:30 in order to start work at 9:00. Some of this is my fault (I need half an hour to caffeinate and fully accept the horror of being awake in the darkness), […]

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   Feb 06


Late afternoon windmill While I was getting a new job and falling off a log (amazingly, the Horror Hand still hurts, though it has deflated), Jonathan and Rob were making a windmill. Yes, making it. Mostly out of spare parts and found things, as is the Way of Rob. It’s seated firmly in cement, set […]

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   Feb 05

Testing, 1-2-3

Yesterday, Megan and I took Schatzi to the vet. They wanted to take some blood to make sure that her medication isn’t affecting her liver too much. The test results were complete in about ten minutes, and Schatzi’s liver is fine, though her kidneys were showing on the high end of normal. Dr. Karen said […]

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   Feb 04

The Wide World of Kittens

The kittens have been enjoying the sunny weather as much as I have. Maybe more. I often don’t see them for hours at a time. But when I do, they’re usually doing something funny. Or at least photogenic. The rare Tree Clyde in his natural habitat: This is the best picture I could get before […]

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   Feb 03

Good News

Tulips beginning to sprout OK, peeps, brace yourselves for a downpour of excellent news! Are you sitting down? Smelling salts at the ready? Phone poised to call 911? Good. Here we go: A month after her arrival in the Intensive Care Unit, A is finally breathing on her own! Yes, she still has a fever […]

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   Feb 02

Back In Business

You may remember that the landline phone quit suddenly, walking out on me with no explanation or apology. In keeping with this theme, AT&T did not show up to fix it on the appointed date. Despite the fact that they presumably do know how to use a phone, they didn’t call me. After being on […]

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