July 2012

Oh, those kitties! The other evening, I saw Audrey trotting toward the open sliding glass doors with something in her mouth. I hastened to close the doors before she came […]

Mostly Done

Well, the holes in my mouth and yard are filled in. For now. Getting my Golden Jubilee crown was not as festive as it sounds. The dentist applied the anesthetic, […]

Unexpected Visitors

On Saturday, I was working* when Mark, my landlord and neighbor, stopped by with his wife, Citlali, who is Rose’s daughter. It’s always nice to see them, but especially when […]

Unexpected Visitor

Megan’s emergency services are, as you probably know by now, not limited to the Emergency Room or the ambulance, though her big sister might well be the most frequent beneficiary […]

I mailed my expense report to the US Attorney’s office today, but as I waited in line at the post office (there were two whole people in front of me), […]

Moving Along

Excavation It’s been a busy week at the jobette – fun things like stuffing 500 envelopes with 3 different pieces of paper, after folding all the paper. Then putting two […]

Last night, I had so many weird dreams that I actually feel more tired now than when I went to bed. It was like running a mental marathon. I was […]

Home at Last

My garden says “hello” Thursday would have been a beautiful day no matter what, but it was a sunny one, too, without the bone-crushing heat’n’humidy of an East Coast summer […]

Nearly There

Coming to you from San Francisco! I’m drinking bad in-room coffee, but not at my usual modest motel, where there was, in keeping with the theme of this trip, no […]

In Transit

As usual, karma ignored me. I got a seat in the very last row of the plane, giving me a front row set to the sights, smells, and sounds of […]

Well, things did not go exactly as planned. “Picking up forgotten items at lunch” turned into “half hour call with lawyers”, and forgotten items remained in oblivion. Had a hasty […]

I know most of you spend most of your time wishing you were Me, but today you would much prefer to be You. I promise. Here’s my unenviable schedule for […]

Departure Lounge

There’s nothing like an unwanted trip looming on the horizon to make you appreciate your humble abode. Leaving all my doors open when I go to work! Driving to work […]

On Monday night, I was engrossed in the second season of the complex and rainswept* Killing, when I noticed a hole in my tooth. Uh-oh. Apparently a filling had fallen […]


It’s a great day for cats. Today (or maybe yesterday or tomorrow or next week, since she’s in Australia) my gorgeous niece Cat turns 30, and my adorable cat Audrey […]

Back in the golden days of our youth, my siblings and I were all golden-haired. But when puberty reared its ugly head, mine went from gleaming to drab, seemingly overnight. […]