August 2012

On Monday morning, I drove to the new jobette. Needless to say, other people had taken up our allotted parking spaces – we now have signs up, but didn’t then […]

Weekend Roundup

I slept in until 7:15 this morning! Audrey complained bitterly about the terrible service around here, but the boys decided to have breakfast before bounding out into the foggy morning. […]

Letting Go

Sprucing up There seems to be some kind of bug that is making it impossible to comment. I have notified the Blog Doctor and he is on the case. And […]


Dad and Megan at our home in New York State, early 1970s Dad was never much of a swimmer. He’d edge gingerly into the water and finally, when it was […]

Before Mark left on his East Coast Adventure, he pretty much emptied his refrigerator into mine. Having been brought up with a horror of wasting food by a father who […]

Well, I didn’t let the Bad Day get me down. Not completely, anyway. On Friday night, we had a BBQ at the property with my siblings’ land partners, Jennifer and […]

Get up early on a non-jobette day and drive to the Big Town. Get stuck behind lumbering RVs and smug Prius drivers who refuse to pull over, even when driving […]

House Calls

Convalescing Fun fact: This is my 2,000th post! Is that an amazing achievement, or kind of sad? It did take me 11 years to reach this milestone, so maybe it’s […]

Grand Reopening

You may remember that the splendid pool closed in February due to lack of funds. But our little town doesn’t give up that easily. Much as we did last year […]

From There to Back Again

Well, I’m back on the foggy Coast. I left the jobette on Wednesday afternoon and stopped off in Willits to bring the Chamber of Commerce some brochures. I had never […]

As you all know, I usually dread the advent of August, the Official Month of Death, but its little sister July was such a bitch that I’m actually happy to […]