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It was a sunny Saturday morning. My sister texted me that she was teaching a CPR class that day, but was not looking forward to the long drive to town. Even though I was still slowly caffeinating in my PJs, I decided to join her and keep her company. I tossed some chicken in the […]

Tick Tock
March 26th, 2016 by suzy in Family,Memories 2 Comments

When my father died, I inherited a 250 year old grandfather clock which has been in our family since it was first made by John Jullion of Brentford. Fun fact: the oldest clock still on public display in Australia was made by the same gentleman in 1770. Rob unpacked our clock after I moved to […]

Dad in Kings Canyon, 1980s This may be the first year I did not write a post about Dad on his birthday. I had a hard time with his birthday this year, probably because of losing my Roscoe so recently. I am still struggling with Roscoe’s loss on a daily basis, so I guess thinking […]

It was a dark and stormy morning. I started it off on the wrong foot by putting my bare one into an alarmingly big (and remarkably cold) puddle by the table in the kitchen. That’s what I get for running around barefoot. My late, lamented stepmother found this habit deplorable. To her, only poor people […]

Into the Past
March 14th, 2016 by suzy in Country Life 2 Comments

Megan and I decided to take a break from the rainy present to visit the stormy past. The Kelley House museum in the Village had an exhibit on local shipwrecks, of which there have been many. There were more than 160 between 1850 and 1900. It’s less surprising to me that there were so many […]

Monica’s Shop My friend Monica is always inspiring and creative. Her store is full of things both beautiful and practical, and the atmosphere is somehow both peaceful and exciting, because you never know what you’ll find. Monica put her own twist on the First Friday tradition, by opening early instead of staying open late. She […]

Hi! It’s 4:30 am! Want to take one guess why I’m up at this ridiculous hour? You’re right. Of course it’s Audrey. I tried to ignore her relentless pounding at the balcony door and the scritch of her claws against the glass of the sliding doors downstairs, but eventually, as she knew I would, I […]

You know you live in the country – and a rather eccentric part of the country – when things like this appear on the local message boards. Wondering who the new kid in town is: Anyone know who the new “man on the street” is? The fellow on the motorized unicycle wearing a long black […]