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   Dec 31

A Country Year

Festive shelf in my living room. Megan gave me the lit-up wax bird, and Monica gave me the snowflake ornament. My first complete calendar year in the country. It was a year characterized by loss and sadness, not just for me, but for nearly everyone I know and love. Here’s hoping the new year is […]

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   Dec 26

Scenes from a Christmas

The stockings were hung – well, piled – by the “tree”. I bought it from an artist in Mexico many years ago. Christmas crackers on my maternal grandmother’s platter. They didn’t pop very well, but they had good prizes (a tiny metal yoyo, a keychain with a faux diamond) and shiny metal crowns to wear […]

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   Dec 24


Ready! You will (not) be amazed to learn that the phone phixers phailed to call me, or show up. At about 6:30, I called their repair number to ask for an update, and was on hold through the entire length of “Sick, Sad World” (also known as the news). After about 45 minutes, I hung […]

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   Dec 23

Christmas Eve’s Eve

Kitten proof Christmas tree! Yesterday morning, I heard the pantry door close and went to investigate. It was around 8:00 in the morning, so I figured it was Rob. But it was Megan, bearing bags of Christmas groceries. We divided up the list on Monday, and on Tuesday I braved the crowds to get my […]

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   Dec 22


The other thing that happened on Weird Sunday was that the phone line expired. Or quit. Or went on strike. Anyway, the phone didn’t work. When Megan called me, it just rang and rang, so she came over to investigate and found me in the previously mentioned dizzy state. The power was already out, so […]

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   Dec 21

Dizzy Broad

For once, the lack of posting lately wasn’t because of SuzySlothâ„¢, but because I was truly powerless to write (or at least post). On Sunday, the power was out nearly all day. It was also out yesterday, and when it came back on, I hurried to get the laundry and dishes done and take a […]

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   Dec 18


Yesterday’s crop of mail was quite outstanding. A “New Yorker” (the subscription was the gift of a friend) and a batch of Christmas cards, including one from some friends who have known us since we were kids, one from a fan of my blog (love that!), and one from my dear friend Patrisha. Patrisha always […]

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   Dec 17

Thursday Dinner: A Catered Affair

A winter scene: fallen leaves, sprouting mushrooms beside my house Mushrooms are as much a sign of winter around here as the advent of robins. Most of them are not as scenic as this one, which is rumored to be poisonous or possibly merely hallucinogenic. I left it alone after I took its picture. We’re […]

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   Dec 16


Before After It took me over a year, but I finally have country-appropriate footwear. At least for winter. In the second image, you can see my hard-won sneakers which cost as much as my beautiful Manolo Blahniks (in the first image) did in a consignment shop about 10 years ago. I just bought some pull-on […]

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   Dec 13

Un-Christmas Presents

If, as Lewis Carroll says, there are 364 days a year to receive un-birthday presents, the same goes for un-Christmas presents. And they may be even more delightful. Rob has been taking a ceramics course a couple of nights a week, a birthday present from our thoughtful Erica. So my unbirthday presents arose from a […]

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   Dec 12

Sunlight & Shadow

Lately, I’ve been trying to capture the look of sunlight and shadow at different times of day. Maybe it’s human nature, or maybe it’s Suzy nature, but having a better camera has made me want a much better camera. Getting closer to catching a moment makes me really want to be able to get it. […]

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   Dec 10

Thursday Dinner: Curried Lentils

We’re up to 20.5 inches of rain for the season. See above! After last week’s meatapalooza, I went vegetarian – and possibly even vegan – this week, with: Curried Lentils 1 medium onion, finely chopped 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 tablespoon finely chopped peeled fresh ginger 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 teaspoon ground cumin […]

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   Dec 09

Foiled Again

I’m not the problem It seems to have actually gotten darker out since I got up this morning. This is getting up, Part III. Part I was letting Audrey out at 5 am (more or less), to do whatever it is she absolutely, totally, must do at that dark hour. Part II was letting the […]

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   Dec 08

Now We Are Six (Months)

It’s getting a little crowded. Clyde is on the top. Roscoe and Clyde are six months old today! As you can see in the picture above, they are bigger than ever. I wonder how much longer they will both fit in Henry Etta’s old bed. The other day, I caught all three of them sleeping […]

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   Dec 07

Water World

You know your life is thrilling when you’re excited about getting a new garden hose. And a rain gauge. The old hose was suffering from leakage, including the rotted out area where it connected to the faucet. Using the hose was much like revisiting the garden sprinkler of my youth, but it was much less […]

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   Dec 05

Merry and Bright(er)

It was bright and sunny when I woke up this morning, filling my pretty little head with thoughts of taking the dogs to the beach, especially after noting that it was already 50 degrees. But after a couple of cups of coffee and a peek at PostSecret, the clouds seem to be taking over. Good […]

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   Dec 03


Well, the meatloaf was a big hit. “Three thumbs up” from my sister. I’m definitely adding it to my repertoire. Last night’s dinner featured a guest star, our brother. He usually has fire meetings on Thursdays, but decided to duck out on this one to have dinner with us and bring us up to date […]

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   Dec 02


Mushrooms and art in my garden Mushrooms are as much a sign of winter around here as the appearance of robins. The poor saps come here for the winter, if you can believe it. The wiser whales, however, have already begun their majestic migration to Mexico. Guess which species has the bigger brain? Today I […]

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   Dec 01

A Start

“You know, deck them halls and all that stuff.” — Lucy Van Pelt Today the traditional three hour tour took four. And I still didn’t get everything done. At the feed store, my order of kitten food and cat food were tantalizingly on the truck, which had not yet been unloaded. They weren’t sure when […]

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