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The End
May 31st, 2012 by suzy in Cats,Family,Friends 4 Comments

Rob watering my purple honeysuckle – and a young Clyde, October 2010 It turns out my feeling of doom on Tuesday was correct – Rob’s Mother died around 9:00 Eastern that evening. I believe Rob was with her and his siblings. He called Megan last night from the Philadelphia airport between flights, and with the […]

A Change of Pace
May 30th, 2012 by suzy in Family,San Francisco 2 Comments

Everything seems to have been too strange for too long. First there was Rob’s difficult trek to his Mother’s bedside, then it was Megan’s birthday and he wasn’t here, then it was Memorial Day and I didn’t have to work but Megan did, so I was on dog patrol, people came up to visit, then […]

Megan and I had a good time on her birthday evening. We ended up talking and listening to music instead of watching the movie. She loved her present, a garden bench/kneeler: Having repeated knee surgeries makes groveling around to weed and garden pretty painful, and when you have an 80 foot by 80 foot garden, […]

Too much has happened since I last posted, and none of it has been good. Rob’s sister called him earlier this week to tell him that their Mother is gravely ill. The truth is that she is not expected to make it. We made rushed arrangements to get him to Ottawa, hoping that he would […]

Weekends have a magical ability to disappear. They speed by with lightning rapidity – unlike work days – and by Monday morning, it’s like they never happened at all. All that fun seems so far away… On Saturday, we had a BBQ at Jonathan’s place. The 80 foot by 80 foot garden has become the […]

May 19th, 2012 by suzy in Calamity Suzy,Cats,Family,Memories 4 Comments

The guilty parties I’m up earlier than I’d like. As usual. When I’d like: 8 am or so. When I am: anywhere from 4:30 to 6:00. If I don’t stop these bad habits, I will never attain my lifetime goal of idle rich. Also, a girl must surely need more beauty sleep as she gets […]

Ironically, after posting that last entry about how much I hate driving, I went to the DMV yesterday. Ever since I got my license, I have renewed it by mail, but this year, I got a notice saying that I had to go in person. I couldn’t help wondering if it was because I’m about […]

The Dilemma
May 14th, 2012 by suzy in Family,Friends,Travel 8 Comments

Jessica’s school picture* this year Ever since Erica and Jessica decamped to Portland last summer, the fabulous quotient in Hooterville and environs dropped by about 1,000%. I’m glad that Jessica is living a Ramona life in the land of Beverly Cleary and that Erica is revelling in city amenities, but I miss them. Megan wants […]

I realize it’s almost this weekend, and I haven’t told you about last weekend yet. Let’s look back, back…a long time ago, about last Friday. It was the first farmers’ market of the year, and it was a beautiful, sunny day. The market was less crowded than it will be when summer really begins, and […]

In addition driving me crazy yesterday, Clyde also managed to get between me and the stairs, right before I left for work. I tripped down the last three steps, bruising my left forearm (and butt!) in a horrifying and lumpy manner, and doing something to my right foot which makes me a little limpish. But […]

Cat Fights
May 8th, 2012 by suzy in Cats,Dogs,Work 4 Comments

Exhibit A It’s only 7 am, and Clyde has already driven me crazy. Here’s how he does it: Go behind the new couch. Start clawing at the back of it. When The Girl yells at you, go under the couch and start clawing there. When the girl moves the couch out to yell at you […]

When I (finally) got home last night, I covered the outside couch with a plastic drop cloth, even though it was a beautiful, clear evening and the moon was smiling down on me: The forecast said 100% chance of rain, and they were right: I woke to ran pattering on the plastic and the plants. […]

New Couch
May 2nd, 2012 by suzy in Cats,Country Life,Family 2 Comments

Also part of our Girl Day was getting a new (to me) couch! I am hideously excited about it. I have been looking for a replacement for my battered old couch for at least a year, so imagine how thrilled I was to find the couch of my dreams for about $250. The store even […]