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   Aug 31

Heavy Petting

Henry hangs out Here’s a first: Henry was more interested in being petted than eating this morning. He came running to greet me as usual, with his gruff yet muted meows, but after I put the food in his dish, he followed me when I went to put the measuring cup back into the food […]

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   Aug 30

Survival Modish

Whew. That’s over, at least for now. I was thrilled to wake this morning to the welcome sight of the fabulous fog wrapping the palm trees in glamorous glory. The girls are no less delighted than I am, and are racing around the house instead of wilting furrily by the door, gasping for any errant […]

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   Aug 29

Suzy O’Hara

Well, that was quite the little diatribe, wasn’t it? It might have partly arisen from my heat-induced crabbiness. You all know I’m a summerphobe (well, a heatphobe), and the last few days have not been kind. It was a record-breaking 95 degrees in Oakhampton yesterday, and that’s not the kind of record I personally enjoy […]

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   Aug 27

No Tech

People often ask me why I’m not on Twitter. You will be amazed to hear that it’s basically my slothfulness rearing its pretty head. The truth is, it takes all of my muselette’s limited creative powers to write this blog. I also try to write a hundred words a day. And I can barely come […]

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   Aug 26

Tea for Me

My new teapot They were playing “Boys Don’t Cry” at the Safeway today. It was kind of unnerving to hear The Cure while you’re in the produce aisle. It just seemed wrong, like the first time I heard a Talking Heads song Muzak-ized in an elevator. Maybe you know you’re getting old when the bands […]

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   Aug 25

Location, Location, Location

Gratuitous Schatzi picture, which has nothing to do with this post, except she’d be my neighbor if I move. And she looks so pretty! Really, this alone should be enough to make me move, if the puppies weren’t. I found it fascinating, yet scary, and spent way too much time playing with it instead of […]

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   Aug 24

Happiness Is a Warm Puppy – Or Eight

“My” puppy and her mother Luckily for me, Friday was the day Megan works with the pit bulls at her local shelter. Not only did I get to hug Davis and Tulley again (I’m pleased to report that Echo, Tulley’s puppy, has been adopted!), but I got to spend some time with a pit bull […]

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   Aug 23

Coming and Going

Hi! I missed you, too! I’m not sure if it’s because the girls missed me so much, or because their naughtiness streak has expanded to take over most of their furry little bodies, but they really outdid themselves during my most recent absence. When I came into the house and dropped my bags on the […]

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   Aug 19

Plan B (i)?

Wow, guys. Thanks for all the supportive emails and comments. No wonder I love you all! Dad used to refer to the collection of little houses where my brother and sister live as “The Compound” (on the 40th anniversary of the Manson murders, it sounds a little ominous, doesn’t it?). Before I give you the […]

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   Aug 18

What Would Dad Do?

Dad and his faithful friend Jesse* on Wimbledon Common. I think of my Dad pretty much every day, but today, the anniversary of his death, I think of him a little more than usual, and maybe a little differently. Now with the Green Acres Experiment greenlit, I’m second-guessing myself and wondering if I’ve made the […]

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   Aug 17


Yesterday afternoon, I was eating hummus and watching a re-run of Monk when my landlords appeared at the front door. Since the doorbell doesn’t work, they actually said, “Knock, knock”, though I failed to ask who was there, being fully occupied by being totally surprised. They had come to operate on the poor, sickly lawn. […]

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   Aug 16

The Conversation

I’ve been psyching myself up for weeks to talk to my boss about moving. For the past couple of weekends, he’s been saying he’ll drop by – I had some articles for him about Goldman Sachs and the Madoff scandal, but he hasn’t shown up, or called. If I were dating him, I’d be devastated, […]

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   Aug 15

Welcome Home

Found this tucked into my screen door when I came home from seeing Safeway Ray today. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a tract from the religious rovers who patrol my neighborhood. Someone should call an exterminator.

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   Aug 13

Exchange Rate

Yesterday, I went to the city to pick up the check for my late lamented ring. It was fabulous to get a break, however brief, from the hellacious East Bay heat. As I drove across the Bay Bridge, passing the “City and County of San Francisco” sign, the air was delicately silvered with fog and […]

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   Aug 12


Remember the Franz Kafka Utility Company? Also known as East Bay MUD (appropriately enough, since their name is definitely mud, at least in my house). You know, the company that charges you 90% fees, 10% actual water consumption? What possible motivation does a person have, other than her own conscience, for lowering her water usage? […]

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   Aug 11

The Mystery of Audrey

Sleepy Audrey (June in the background) June has an uncanny ability to know that it’s near feeding time, both morning and evening. She never minds bringing it to my attention, either. She knows how busy I can get and how easily things can slip what passes for my mind. It’s a courtesy, really. Audrey, on […]

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   Aug 10

Summer Affective Disorder

When people talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder, they always mean winter, the season of snow, hot chocolate, Christmas presents, the Rockettes, and New Year’s Eve cocktails. Sure, it gets dark early, but that just means you can curl up by the fire and enjoy being inside with your cats and a good book or two. […]

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   Aug 09

The Cat*, the Dog Days, and the Car

I think TCM has been reading my blog. Clearly they were inspired by my Riviera reminiscences, because today they decided to show To Catch a Thief. Set on the gorgeous French Riviera and starring the equally gorgeous Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, it’s one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. Beautiful leads, breathtaking scenery, fabulous gowns […]

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   Aug 08

The Addiction

This is my current favorite coffee cup. Isn’t it adorable? It’s less than three inches tall, and is even older than I am, and you know how I love that. Also, it’s exotic, made in Sweden. Like Ann-Margret and Pippi Longstocking. Don’t tell the Swedish lovely, but my favorite coffee cups tend to die young […]

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   Aug 07

And from the Kitty Desk…

I often wonder what June and Audrey do when I’m away. I imagine that as soon as the door closes behind me, they start jumping on the counters and other forbidden places, chewing on CD cases (June) and clawing at the washer (Audrey). If they were human, I know it would take them about .0003 […]

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