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Radio Nowhere
Well, that figures
September 30th, 2008 by suzy in Life in Oaktown 2 Comments

My wonderful friend Kathleen is, as I write, winging her way to me (well, the Oakland airport, where I will claim her in baggage claim ’round midnight) from Detroit. Little does she know that among the many amenities of Chez Suzy (constantly barking dogs; scavengers peering through the trash – and sometimes the windows; unexpected […]

Pup Stop
September 30th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized No Comments

When I stepped off the bus yesterday afternoon after a hard day of meetings, I was surprised by the long line of cars on my street. Had the media been alerted of my imminent arrival? Was it those damned paparazzi again (at least I was wearing make-up and nice clothes this time)? No, it was…a […]

We don’t sell shoes, either
September 28th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized No Comments

I ran out of milk today, and instead of getting in the car and going to Safeway (or the extremely depressing and dramatically mis-named Lucky), I decided to walk to the liquor store and cracketeria around the corner. I figured they must have milk and juice, along with the Thunderbird, Night Train, and Colt 45. […]

Jess the facts, ma’am
September 27th, 2008 by suzy in Jessica 7 Comments

Maybe it’s some kind of truth or aphorism that those who have kids know those who have kids, and those who don’t, well…don’t. I hardly know anybody who has kids, other than Mike, Amber, and Candi, and due to distance, we don’t hang out all that much, though I follow the proceedings with an interest […]

Fun Fair
September 22nd, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 3 Comments

I always wanted to go to the Mendocino County Fair, but somehow never got around to it. Every year, I’d see the signs as I drove through beautiful downtown Boonville, and think, “Maybe this time”. Finally, this year was the year! With my freshly fixed car, I followed my sister and brother-in-law (at a distance; […]

The Jelly Bean Mechanic
September 19th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 3 Comments

My sister’s house Well, this time last Friday, I was waiting for the traffic to (hopefully) subside before setting out to visit my brother and sister. I left the house at 7 pm, and while the traffic was fine – no noticeable Santa Rosa slowdown, possibly for the first time ever – it was, you […]

Also the opinion of many
September 16th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 3 Comments

Of the kaleidoscope of strange dreams swirling through my pretty little head last night, this is the only one I remember: A janitor is standing in front of me, leaning on his mop (also my preferred posture for mopping the floor), and says, “God really doesn’t like you.” He pauses for me to absorb this […]

Well, that didn’t take long
September 15th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 2 Comments

I just got a jury summons for next month. At least Alameda County only makes you do one day, or one trial, depending on how desirable you are jury-wise. San Francisco makes you go for five days or one trial. Finally, Oakland is better than San Francisco! Coming up: my weekend in the country, the […]

September 12th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 4 Comments

Am I the only one who hates coming up with titles for posts? Preferably clever ones? Speaking of clever: I ended up at the gym today wearing sandals. Slightly platform (yet surprisingly comfortable) ones. I felt like that scene in Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, where they’re on the treadmill wearing platform shoes. I […]

Some Enchanted Evening
September 8th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 2 Comments

First things first: the heat wave has receded, replaced by still sunny skies with refreshing breezes, and not a moment too soon. While still in its mighty grip, I went to see the great Brian Wilson on Friday night. It was an all-around fabulous experience because: The show was in Oakland, at the historic and […]

…that I got no mind to lose, to quote the immortal Ramones. Yet another “unusual” heat wave of five, count ’em, five days of 90+ heat have melted my mind more effectively than any space alien. There have been so many of these allegedly rare heat waves lately that it’s pretty much like living in […]

September 3rd, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 3 Comments

Usually, people are happy to meet with me in our quite nice San Francisco office. It’s in the heart of the financial district (if finance can be considered to have a heart), and less than a block to the nearest BART station. Add in the flat screen TV in the lobby and our handsome receptionist […]