Haircuts and Kitchens

Megan and I hopped in her little red car and headed over to Lichen’s place on the magical South Coast. It was a postcard day, without a cloud in the […]

Inside & Out

Frosty Fern Happy new year, y’all! It started out a frosty one here, -2C outside and +4 inside, which is not that much of a plus. Ever notice that everything […]


Rita on the banks of the Ohio Canal Yesterday, I was deeply saddened to learn that the Lovely Rita is gone. She was at least fifteen years old, a ripe […]

With all this kitten talk, I realize I have never filled you in on what became of the Lovely Rita. In preparation for the long trip from There to Here, […]

Quince This past week, I had the pleasure of Quince’s company while her owner was in Spain, the poor thing. Quince is the beautiful mother of my beautiful kittens. My […]

The kitten formerly known as Dennis Well, it’s just been one thing after another since I got back from Detroit. One thing: The $350 vet bill. Rita lives to sniff […]

I was making dinner last night (green curry chicken, grapefruit salad with toasted coconut and fresh mint, and jasmine rice from my well-worn copy of Quick and Easy Thai*) when […]

Gratuitous kitten photo which has nothing to do with this post. I wonder if Rita is getting senile, or is possibly protesting the recent arrival of the kittens to her […]

The new kittens, of course, have provided an excellent excuse for shopping. They require many accessories and necessities, so in preparation for their imminent arrival, I decided to go and […]

Rita takes a break from all that admiration. One’s public can be so exhausting. I came home from sharing lovely Rita’s loveliness with her adoring public* to find that both […]

The Great Dog Rescue Adventure led to the Great Cat Conundrum. I was cautiously backing the giant dog-rescuing car through the slightly creepy (and very narrow) passageway, on my way […]

First things first: happy 65th birthday to the great Brian Wilson! Now for the less festive part of our program: I got up really, really early, had a cold bath […]

If you count Rita. And I always do, even though she was just an innocent bystander in this latest adventure. A friend of a friend had rescued two dogs from […]

Yes, Virginia, there really is a hell. And it’s right upstairs! The thing about my upstairs neighbors is that they are just so generous. Even if it’s 9:00 on a […]

My blog turns six today! Hope Mike doesn’t think I have to start doing chores now! Rita has been celebrating the upcoming blogiversary, or possibly the fashionably late arrival of […]

The two old ladies are alive and well, you’ll be glad to hear. And thanks to all of you for checking up on us, especially those who recognized the Oates […]

2006 was the Year of the Dog* in Chinese astrology. It was also the Year of the Dog for Suzy. Round about February, I started taking care of Rita (or […]