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   Jun 30

Rude Awakening

I always have a hard time getting to sleep when I know I have to get up early the following day, yet I have an amazing ability to be able to sleep right when the alarm goes off (like most of my few talents, this is not a lucrative one). Somehow, once I’m yanked out […]

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   Jun 28

Sun Struck Sunday

The two brain cells I have left have melted. It’s been mind-numbingly hot yesterday and today, especially in the convection oven known as Chez Suzy. Here’s what I’ve done today: – Crawl out of sweat-soaked bed. Drink cold coffee. Kind of gross, but better than the alternative of putting something hot into already overheated body. […]

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   Jun 20

Happy Friday!

Friday was finally sunny after weeks of fog and clouds. Though we don’t get rain this time of year, I do find day after day of overcast skies depressing. I don’t know how people who live in notoriously cloudy and rainy locales like Seattle can stand it. So the sun had definitely lifted my spirits […]

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   Jun 16

Ghosts in the Machines

My new-ish (and so far unbroken) red microwave has a voice feature, presumably for those who are microwaving blind. You can turn the voice low, high, or off, and I keep it off, since I’m not a big fan of chatting with appliances or being told what to do by them, other than by Jill*, […]

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   Jun 15

L’Ennui Suzy

Lately, I’ve been catching up on the most recent season of Damages. Yes, it ended in April, but I usually wait until a TV series ends, then download it, so I can watch two or three episodes at a time instead of having to wait a week for a new one. Not to mention avoiding […]

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   Jun 09

Covet Up

Ah, a Bay Area summer day. Wrapped in thick, pastel fog as you are wrapped in a thick, pastel sweater. Around 3:00, the sun peeks through, realizes it’s looking at Oakhampton, shuts the curtains again and flees in horror to more salubrious (or glamorous) climes. So even though it’s well after Memorial Day*, you don’t […]

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   Jun 08


Some things never change: June front & center, Audrey wandering off. They are two days old. The cats’ vocabulary is slightly limited. Now this may be because they aren’t quite two years old yet, and who among us (except possibly Oscar Wilde) can boast that their vocabulary was at all impressive at such an early […]

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   Jun 06

Contrary Library

You know, one of the librarians is always kind of weird with me. Not the nice old lady, not the groovy, aloof guy (there has to be a story behind his working there), but the girl with the facial piercings and that ‘tude. It started off with her remarking on how many books I read. […]

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   Jun 05


On Saturday morning, Brother-In-Law was changing my car’s oil in the driveway. My sister and I heard him talking outside and wondered if he was talking to himself. Peeking out the window, we saw it was a Jehovah’s Witness or two (they seem to travel in pairs or packs, possibly for protective reasons). We were […]

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   Jun 04

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Report Card Foggy, overcast: C Work day (ugh): D A million and a half birthday emails, some unexpected, and one announcing a new kitten and an engagement (in the PS!): A+ Also Facebook love: A+ Actual birthday cards (bonus points: Hand-written letter received the day before my birthday, with drawings): A+ No money to […]

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   Jun 03

Welcome Home

I made it home in good time, and was warmly welcomed by the girls. I’m always relieved when I get home and find no-one has broken in and nothing untoward has happened – leaving your house with all the blinds closed and no car in the driveway for a few days seems to be asking […]

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   Jun 02

Eye of the Beholder

Alas, my time with Jessica was short-lived. She had a t-ball game in Cloverdale on Saturday, so she had to be returned to her mother on Friday. Megan and I had a few errands to run, so we decided to take the kidlet along with us and return her last, the errands being in one […]

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   Jun 01

Jessica Thumbs a Ride

I’m back! I missed you, too. I’m sure you kept busy shopping for my birthday presents while I was away. It was the grand tour of micro-climates on my way up north: fog completely hid the dreaming spires of San Francisco, but became patchy around Frank Lloyd Wright’s* Marin Civic Center. By the time I […]

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