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   Mar 29

The Breakfast Club

The rain is really trying to make it up to us. According to my friend and neighbor Jim, we got more than three inches of rain yesterday, and I emptied more than five out of the rain gauge this morning, and five is as high as the rain gauge goes. I can believe it – […]

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   Mar 26


Procession for a Fallen Hero When the alarm flashed in the 5:30 darkness this morning, I was already awake, listening to the rain and petting Roscoe one last time before getting up. As I made my way downstairs, I thought of the many other people in our County who joined me in the pre-dawn darkness, […]

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   Mar 24


Most of the time, I feel like I live in a west coast version of Stars Hollow. Not so old and historic, and without snow, but replete with quirky characters and a strong community. None of my many doors have locks, and I leave them open when I go to work so the kitties can […]

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   Mar 21


Peach Blossoms We recently had an unseasonable BBQ at the family property with my sibs’ land partners, Dave and Jennifer. The property is huge, and my sibs couldn’t afford to buy it all on their own, and neither could Dave and Jennifer, so they joined forces and bought it together. How’s that for cooperation? Big […]

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   Mar 17

The Gift

Visiting the prisoner When Dad returned to his native England – about a dozen miles from where he grew up – he brought his muttley dog Jesse with him. He knew that Jesse was facing six months of jail, aka quarantine (which I think has now been abolished), but there was no way he was […]

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   Mar 15

Criminal Clyde

Always where he shouldn’t be Megan and I were planning to have a girl night, starring the delightful Call the Midwife and some cocktails, but plans went somewhat awry… The Gro has a little deli with delicious things, and Megan had heard they had grilled chicken marinated in tequila and lime. Our work-saving thought was […]

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   Mar 11

News Round Up

Or, sweepings from the corners of my life… The big moment! In just a couple of hours, my boss from the jobette (third from the left, or the rebel with the long hair, as my co-worker phrased it) will be meeting President Obama. Can you believe it? Instead of being at his desk in our […]

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   Mar 08

Jumping In

A beautiful day to jump in with both feet! I don’t know what you do on a windy Saturday in February, but if you’re my brother Jonathan, you jump into a frigid river as it meets the equally frosty Pacific. Not just for the hell of it, though that would not be surprising (he is, […]

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   Mar 05


Little salon in the big woods It was high time to get my hair cut and re-blonded. I made my way to Angelika’s little salon in the big woods. You can tell you’re approaching her driveway because of the always-decorated trees. Even the gate is welcoming and tinselly: You can feel yourself relax when you […]

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