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August 29th, 2013 by suzy in Friends,Special Occasions

A beautiful cake for a beautiful occasion

In the midst of all the sadness that has come our way this August – the Official Month of Death has really outdone itself this year – there was joy. I attended the wedding of two friends who have been together for a quarter of a century, but are finally free to marry.

I was honored that they asked me to help them plan the wedding, which was held at their lovely home in Hooterville. They wanted to keep it simple, and invited just close friends and families. One of the grooms has wedding longevity in his family: his parents have been married for 58 years and his sister and her husband for 21. The wedding was held on his sister’s birthday, so it was a joyous occasion all around.

The sun peeped out, and it was a perfect day. As I arrived at the grooms’ home, I met the sikh who was presiding over the ceremony. He is a warm, humorous and wise man and I was delighted to meet him.

The wedding theme colors were white and purple, as you can see on the wedding cake above and the rustic flowers on the lawn:

Zoe, their plushly soft 15 year old Australian Shepherd mix, was the honorary maid of honor:

The sikh gave us some opening words of wisdom before starting the ceremony, which was held on the deck:

The couple exchanged their vows:

And exchanged their rings, made just for them by the local artists at Old Gold:

Then smashed the traditional glass for luck:

And finally sealed their vows with a kiss:

It was a deeply moving ceremony, and I was honored to be there.

After the ceremony, there was a free-form garden party with lots of music and fantastic food made by one of the grooms, who spent a week making it all. The feast included Moroccan bistilla, a puff pastry extravaganza, both chicken and vegetarian; Moroccan olives with mint, lemon and cayenne; pate en volaille, Fijian Kokoda, a sort of seviche with bay scallops; and tiny, moist corn muffins. There was wine and beer and laughter and tears. It was a truly special occasion.

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I’m glad that you found peace and joy after a difficult month. There are times during our lifetime when the clouds seem so thick and dark that one never thinks they will ever see the light again. This day proves that after the rain a new light will brighten the sky and one will see new light once more.

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