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   Aug 30

Show & Tell

Gratuitous kitten photo which has nothing to do with this post. I wonder if Rita is getting senile, or is possibly protesting the recent arrival of the kittens to her Queendom and is letting me know that she objects. Lately, she’s taken to peering in the bathroom door and staring at me when I’m in […]

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   Aug 28

Rita and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Everything was fine in Rita’s Queendom. She had trained the people pretty well. They didn’t take her out quite as often as she’d like, but with age comes wisdom, so Rita knew that this is what happens when you’ve been living with someone for a while. Other than that, though, she loved her comfortable bed, […]

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   Aug 27

The Perils of Shopping

The new kittens, of course, have provided an excellent excuse for shopping. They require many accessories and necessities, so in preparation for their imminent arrival, I decided to go and pick up a few things. My aversion to public transit being a matter of public knowledge, I took a cab to the store. I gave […]

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   Aug 23

Make Way for Kittens

June (top), Dennis (bottom) and Phil (middle) get cozy. Astute readers may have noticed the “agreed to adopt two kittens” part of this entry. I have to admit that I’ve been cheating on my blog with Facebook. It’s so much easier for the lazy like me to just post a line or two, maybe a […]

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   Aug 21

Calamity Suzy Rides Again

Well, venturing from the house really didn’t pay off for me. I took Rita for quick tour of the alleyway (yes, that alleyway) before running (and falling) some errands. No fiesta evidence, but the following: yoga pants; sports bra; hoody, abandoned, as if someone petite had just stepped out of them (and walked away in […]

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   Aug 19

Happy Birthday, Kathleen!

Happy birthday to Kathleen, who is truly one of Detroit’s treasures. Spending time with her is always the best thing about being there. Kathleen and I met when we both worked at the Hell Corporation*, and meeting her was one of the very few good things to come out of a bad situation. Maybe every […]

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   Aug 18

Six Years On

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   Aug 16


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   Aug 15

Delicacy Deluge

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   Aug 14

Beauty of the Beast

Rita takes a break from all that admiration. One’s public can be so exhausting. I came home from sharing lovely Rita’s loveliness with her adoring public* to find that both my sisters had called in my absence. Again! It’s pretty cool to know that two people in two different countries are thinking of you at […]

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