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   Apr 30

Do Not Pass Go

I tried to open the comments again, but not surprisingly (given my complete and total lack of any kind of techperstise whatsoever), it didn’t work. I’ll have to call Movable Type and/or find some tech savvy kindergartener to fix it for me. I can’t stand the thought of calling MT, because I’ve spent most of […]

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   Apr 29

Green Acres

Lilacs in my sister’s garden Country walks always sound good until I actually go on one. I have noticed the same thing about herbal tea – well, pretty much all tea. It sounds delicious but is actually not. Unlike, say, an espresso. Or a glass of wine. So I like the idea of strolling through […]

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   Apr 27

Sunset Tonight

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   Apr 24

Country Time

Highway 128 through the redwoods This is the pretty part of the (long) drive to my sister’s house. Most of it is 580 and 101, San Quentin and auto malls and other non-scenic things. As soon as you leave the Hamburger Ranch and Pasta Farm onto 128, things get a lot prettier. And a lot […]

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   Apr 21

Weekend Dramas

Well, here I am at the Oakland office, awaiting the furniture delivery men. I am beginning to suspect that someone tipped them off to the narrow, though lovely, marble staircase and they’re saving me for last. Or going to every day laborer depot in the city, looking for someone else to do the lugging. In […]

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   Apr 20

7th Year Suzy

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   Apr 13


I picked the roses from a bush in my back yard yesterday. I soon discovered that Guns N’ Roses are 100% accurate and every rose does indeed have a thorn, and its whole point in life is to point it into you. I minimized the damage to Self by holding them carefully by the leaves. […]

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   Apr 07

Reversal of Fortune

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   Apr 03


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