April 2016

Jess at Thirteen

Birthday Girl You guys! Jessica is a teenager! Of course you know that Jessica’s birthday is every April 15, but this one was particularly momentous, since she turned 13. We […]

So, yeah. Still no internet at Suzy Manor as of Saturday morning. The technician did not show up on my blog’s birthday/anniversary last week. I called them three times that […]

I’m celebrating my blog’s 15th(!) anniversary (birthday?) by hopefully getting internet service restored at my hippie hovel. It’s been out for about a week – undoubtedly the ever-exorbitant bill will […]

Up & At 'Em

Thanks, Evil Genius! You can get a LOT done by 8:00 am if your cat wakes you up at 4:30 on a Sunday morning. Not that I am recommending this […]

This morning, as I emerged from the dark woods on the Ridge for my first view of the Pacific, there was a lone fishing boat with all its lights on, […]

Dinner's Ready

I had dinner made for me by cute teenage boys on Friday evening. That’s not something that happens often enough. The high school was having a $10 a plate (or […]

Field Trip

Megan and I set off on a sunny Saturday morning for a road trip to Willits. Willits is best known, if it is known at all, as the home of […]

Car Surgery

‘Memba the cheerful orange engine light that appeared on Wednesday’s console, striking terror into my heart and bank account? My brother reset it, and I drove around engine light free […]