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   Jun 15

Birth of a Garden

I’ve been promising you some pictures of the garden party palace over on the family property, and here they are at last! The whole thing started back in March. Or maybe February. Making a garden here in the pygmy is not as easy as it is in most places. First of all, you have to […]

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   Nov 24

Chilly Scenes of Winter

Saturday morning hail Ah, twenty-nine degrees. Bilingually unpleasant, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It happens to be the F version here in Hooterville this morning. We knew there was a freeze warning through tomorrow, so I brought in the orchid, fuchsia, geraniums, and marigolds, which were still valiantly blooming. I also left the heater on […]

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   Nov 07

Sun Power

The other day, I dropped by my brother’s place to inspect the solar array. That’s what they call it when solar panels are mounted. Who knew? Of course, since it was my brother and his trusty assistant Rob, the panels were mounted with found and bartered materials. A neighbor lent them the welder they needed […]

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   Oct 22

The First Year

A year ago today, I moved to Hooterville. Last year, it was warm and sunny. This year, it’s cold and rainy*. Last year, I had my beautiful June Bug and my sweet little Henry Etta. Now they are gone, and I have the two rambunctious kittens to make me laugh, drive me crazy, and ease […]

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   Oct 11


I’ve been thinking about getting a vine-y plant to twine charmingly around the new-ish rustic window. Of course, I never have any idea what to get, and my plant dreams are about as realistic as my day dreams. I wanted to grow a Kaffir lime tree and a Meyer lemon (after all, the mean old […]

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   Sep 14

Food Fight

As I write, Roscoe is perched on my shoulder, purring and chewing on my diamond earring. The kittens have very exclusive taste in chew toys, preferring diamond earrings and the edge of my iMac to more mundane toys. I’ve been letting them out at will during the day, though I keep them in after dinner. […]

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   Sep 01

Kittens & Kidlet Updates

First day at school!* When Audrey woke me up this morning, I discovered that both kittens were sleeping on me. One of them was lying across my neck with his head on my ear. I’m beginning to understand that old wives’ tale about cats stealing one’s breath – they really like to be close to […]

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   Aug 23

Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Meet the boys! Well, the Evil Eighteenth was harder for me this year than it has been in a while. Grief is a strange thing. It can be nine years since you lost someone, and you can feel just as terrible as when you first got the news. It’s probably because I lost both Henry […]

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   Aug 13

Random Notes

People complain these days, and maybe rightly, about the downside of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but there are good things about it, too. Just this morning, I learned the following on Facebook: A friend and his girlfriend became first-time parents; A friend’s beloved only brother returned safely home from serving in Afghanistan; […]

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   Jun 17


Audrey in sunlight and shadow It was country dark by the time I got home. The city-dwellers among you would be shocked by the totality of the dark, with no streetlights or ambient light other than the stars and a crescent moon. Driving through the tall redwoods near the end of the drive (we refer […]

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   Jun 05

Birthday Loot

Flowers from the farmers’ market: A beautiful card from the girls: So true! The lamp of my dreams. It’s from Monica’s store of fabulosity, and I have longed for it for months. It was well out of my price range, but Lu and Megan chipped in and got it for me! I cried. It’s handmade, […]

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   Jun 02


My orchid, beginning to bloom Like dog, like girl… Megan was at work on Monday night when she pivoted to her left and felt something pop in her knee. She sat down, and couldn’t get up again. “Uh-oh,” she thought, calling a nurse over. It seems that she has torn the same ligament in the […]

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   May 09


Thud! Splat! That was my head exploding and falling off. It’s raining yet again. I can’t remember it raining in May since the evil El Nino winter of 1996-1997, when it rained from September until May, and rained every single goddamn day in February. I worked in a cool old brick building in downtown San […]

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   Apr 16


The scene of the crime When it’s cold here, it’s usually clear, and as you can see in the picture above, that was the case yesterday (can you spot the Schatz?). I surprised Schatzi in her sunny patch, where she was catching some rays and some z’s (girls are all about the multi-tasking, you see). […]

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   Apr 13

The Story of Henry

The first picture I ever took of Henry, May 9, 2008 You might have noticed that there’s a new category. Much as I did when I heard the news of Rita Belle’s death, I decided to pay tribute to my beloved Henry Etta James with her own category. You can follow all our adventures there. […]

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   Apr 12


Cozy Audrey It rained all day yesterday. In San Francisco, the Giants game had to be postponed for four hours, something which is practically unheard of there. Here the power flickered but stayed on, and the needle on the thermometer hovered dispiritedly at 40 before giving up completely and creeping down into the 30s again […]

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   Apr 08


Well, I’m back in Hooterville. I couldn’t afford to stay in the city today, or even pick up a pizza on my way to the Golden Gate Bridge, which made me a crabby little crabcake, I can tell you. Especially after discovering that gas is $3.17 there instead of the $3.03 it is up here. […]

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   Apr 06

Final Farewell

The memorial tree On Friday morning, I turned off the outside lights and stopped to pet Henry on my way to the kitchen. She was lying on her side, paws relaxed, and fast asleep. The room temperature on the heater read 60, which pleased me, thinking that Henry Etta had been warm all night. Lately […]

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   Apr 02


I found Henry Etta dead in her little bed by the heater this morning. She looked so peaceful. It’s amazing what a huge hole a four and a half pound cat can leave in your house, your life, and your heart. I can’t write any more now. Thanks to all of you who followed her […]

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   Mar 31

Starring San Francisco

Spot the kitty! It’s almost noon, and my battered thermometer claims it’s barely 40 degrees outside. Some of the hailfall is still clinging to icy existence beside the house, and the house is filled with that eerie white snow light. Megan stopped by yesterday on her way to work and brought my orchid inside so […]

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