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   Jun 27

State of Emergency

The red sun against the smoky Oakland sky, Thursday evening My brother and sister’s Summer Solstice party was suddenly ended by an unexpected and wildly out of season rain-free lightning storm. There were thousands of lightning strikes, setting the dry trees and shrubs on fire. California usually only gets rain in the winter, so wildfires […]

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   Jun 21

Farewell to a Lady

I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn today of my beloved stepmother’s death. Margaret was a beautiful, stylish, courageous, witty, and generous person. She was a wonderful friend to me, a frequent travelling companion, and an inspiration. I have so many happy memories of her, and will always be grateful to her for giving […]

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   Jun 19

Past & Presents

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   Jun 15

Heart of the Matter

With all this kitten talk, I realize I have never filled you in on what became of the Lovely Rita. In preparation for the long trip from There to Here, I took her to the vet. Dr. Jill said she wouldn’t recommend putting a dog of Rita’s vintage and dignity through the horrors of being […]

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   Jun 13

This Week in Cats

Henry awaits his breakfast* It turns out Grey Cat’s name is Henry. Every morning, he’s waiting for me to appear with food, water, and sparkling monologue, our conversation being rather one-sided. He used to run away. Then he started watching carefully from a distance. Then one day, he answered my remarks with a few observations […]

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   Jun 11


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   Jun 03

Suzy and the Curse of the Coffeemaker

Much less fun (and harder to solve) than a Nancy Drew mystery. Though, like her, I have had a cute blue convertible and noticed that boys never do anything, so if there’s something to be done or a mystery to be solved, you’d better do it yourself. Stylishly. You know how some people have something […]

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