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December 19th, 2013 by suzy in Family,Special Occasions

You all know that we have known our “nephew” Jarrett since he was about four years old, right? When we met, my brother and sister were living on boats at Pier 39* and Jarrett’s Mom was one of their neighbors**.

Jarrett was a cute little kid with no father in his life, so my siblings stepped in to fill the void. Jarrett lived with them – on land – during his last two years of high school, just like Megan lived with me***. So he kind of grew up with us, and even if he isn’t actually related to us, he’s still family.

This year, he can’t join us for Christmas due to his work schedule (Sound familiar? How’s that for a family thing?), and his birthday is located a couple of weeks before Christmas, leading to the dreaded combo gift most of his life. His lovely girlfriend Kali rented a little cabin near the Big Town for his birthday this year, but what she didn’t tell Jarrett was that we were taking him out to a birthday dinner and a play.


We managed to all get to the Wharf before Jarrett and Kali and were seated at our table by the window when they appeared. Jarrett was so surprised! We had a great time at dinner, watching the crab fishermen heading out on the turning tide and catching up on our lives. I tried to remember the last time we three siblings had gone out to dinner together and failed – it was probably with Dad, so it was a long time ago. It was about time!

After dinner, we headed to the theater – the same one where we saw “Boy Gets Girl” earlier this year – to see a special production of Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well”. The friend I’m working with on the restaurant app got us the last row of five seats together (his wife is the head of the theater), and Megan, Rob and I barely had time to sit down before the lights went down and the play began. We were a little worried about Jarrett and Kali, even though nothing could have happened between the Big Town and Village (could it?), and when the lights went up for the intermission, they were in the back row. They turned up a few minutes late after walking Archi and had to knock on the door to get in.

We all enjoyed the play. Shakespeare’s language always captivates me, and this play is particularly amusing with its plot twists and comedy. As Jarrett said, “It’s like a Shakespearean Jerry Springer!”

We had a wonderful time and it was a memorable evening. All really is well that end well.

*The smell of waffle cones always brings me back to those live aboard days, though I probably haven’t been to Pier 39 in more than 15 years.

**Jarrett’s Mom still lives there on the same boat. She is one of the few female sushi chefs in the City.

***Now I listen for the sound of her car coming home in the morning like I used to listen for her coming in from dates at night.

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We are all united through the bond of Creation, one does not have to be of the same blood line to be considered family. It seems that your family has understood this for many years.

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