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   Jan 30

Lost & Found

The other day I gave Rob a ride home from the Big Town. As usual, we had fun chatting in the car, and it was really hard not to look at the spectacular pink and gold sunset over the ocean. One of the many drawbacks of driving is that you can’t really admire the scenery, […]

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   Jan 27


Well, hello there! Things have been really busy (and somewhat stressful) at the job and jobette ever since I got back from San Francisco. And as you know, work = no fun = nothing to blog about. I have the last three quarterly due diligence conference calls at 6 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday […]

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   Jan 19

Photo Opportunity

You’d think I was still in Hooterville, getting up at 6 am for an 11 am photo shoot. But I had my reasons. I am slow to get going at the best of times, and on this particular morning, I had to make Self look more presentable than usual, since the main purpose of the […]

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   Jan 18

Evening at the Museum

The Legion of Honor (or, to use its full title, The California Palace of the Legion of Honor) is one of my favorite museums in San Francisco. It may actually be my favorite. Its setting is beautiful, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge: and it is lovely and classical: a little jewel box for a small […]

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   Jan 16


This “day” madness will have to end at some point – how did this happen? – but in the meantime, I’ll just go with it. The sunny days have continued in Hooterville, and in Northern California, sunny days mean cold, starry nights. Lately it’s been below freezing every night, from 28 to 26. The orchids […]

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   Jan 15


On Saturday, Jessica woke up later than Audrey: about 7:00, when the sky is thinking about daytime but hasn’t really woken up yet. I let Audrey out and started coffee before I heard Jessica’s voice wishing me good morning. We took our time waking up, Jessica looking through my jewelry collection and asking the occasional […]

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   Jan 13


Weirdsday was followed by Funday. I went to get my hair cut by the delightful Angelika, the same miracle-working stylist who beautified it in honor of my grand birthday last July. Here’s her little salon: One of the good things about the iPhone is that I can add a note to her phone number with […]

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   Jan 11


When I arrived at work on Wednesday, my co-worker Erin told me that when she arrived at work that morning, she found both front doors unlocked. There’s a door that leads to the lobby, and another door that goes into the shop/office. Erin went in and called out, looking for intruders. Fortunately, no-one had decided […]

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   Jan 10

The Monkey’s Paw

When my father died, all I wanted was to have him back. But I knew that if that wish were granted, it would be in a horrifying Monkey’s Paw manner – he would be an autopsied zombie knocking at my door instead of the delightful companion who walked with me on the moors, enjoyed the […]

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   Jan 09


It’s been hard getting back into the swing (or routine) of things. I took New Year’s week off, and although I worked five days in a row starting on Boxing Day (which doesn’t exist here – as soon as Christmas is over, it’s back to work for you!), I only worked from 11 to 4. […]

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   Jan 06

Home Again

It’s a Hooterville morning Well, I’m pretty sure the kitties missed me. Clyde climbed on me and purred, Audrey sat on my lap, and Roscoe cuddled up to me on the couch on the evening I got home from the city. They all slept with me that night, and in the morning, Audrey, for the […]

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   Jan 04

New Year, New Look

Evening on Market Street What else would a girl with freshly manicured nails do but take her car to the salon? I know that cars don’t get as excited about primping as certain girls do, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to take Miss Scarlett to the car wash which used to […]

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   Jan 02

New Year, Old Place

Good morning, Polk Street! Well, I started the new year off right by heading to San Francisco on New Year’s Day. It was a beautiful, sunny day, the sky the clear, arching blue you only get in California. The sun peeked through the canopy of the ancient redwoods as I drove the long and winding […]

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