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   Jul 31

Silly Rabbit

Megan stopped by my house, saying, “Rob sent you a bunny,” which is not something you hear every day. I came downstairs to find a wonderful ceramic rabbit made in 1955 (the date is etched on the base): He got it for $2 at a thrift store, knowing that it would both delight me and […]

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   Jul 28

Future Girl

Oh, future dishes – I think I love you least of all. The last time I got paid, I made the unpleasant discovery that I was overdrawn by $39. This made me realize two things: 1) Clearly, I shouldn’t have recklessly squandered $44 on gas that day; and B) I should get a summer job. […]

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   Jul 24

Party Time

Kalli’s birthday camping party has become an annual tradition, and a delightful one, too. Kalli, Jarrett, and an entourage of their many friends convened at the family property on a recent Saturday. Megan and I were a little concerned about the head count of 30 or more, but we needn’t have worried. They arrived with […]

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   Jul 21

Pick Up on Mouse Street

Above you see a rare photo of the Mysterious Mr. Roscoe in his native habitat. Unlike his little brother Clyde (I think of Roscoe as being the big brother even though they are litter mates and the exact same age), Roscoe tends to go out and stay out all day, unless the weather isn’t up […]

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   Jul 17

Love & Mercy

Last Friday, I left work early, went home, and lured all the kitties into the house with treats and dinner. Then I turned lights on inside and out* and headed for the beautiful South Coast. Even though it was an overcast day and the Pacific was living up to its name with millpond flatness, the […]

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   Jul 14


I was both surprised and delighted by the gentle rain that started falling in the early afternoon on Thursday. It was still raining when I drove home, and I made a point of driving more slowly than usual, remembering that the first rain after a long drought makes the roads extra slippery. And they are […]

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   Jul 10

Magic Wand

For those of you who deciphered the mysterious runes above and are wondering what the piano reference is all about: When Jessica was very young, she visited a friend who had a piano at her house. Jessica was enchanted, and when she got home, asked her mother to make her one. Erica said that she […]

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   Jul 06

Under the Big Top

A red and white striped tent appeared in the park in the Village, and that could only mean one thing: Flynn Creek Circus was in town! They are a small, local circus which has begun to tour internationally and garner the acclaim they deserve for their amazing aerial acts. Megan and I snapped up tickets […]

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   Jul 02

The Beast

Jerry Seinfeld gets his car back from the valet, and something is amiss. Jerry: Boy, do you smell something? Elaine: Do I smell something? What am I, hard of smelling? Of course I smell something. Jerry: What is it? Elaine: I think it’s B.O.! Jerry: What? Elaine: It’s B.O. The valet must have had B.O. […]

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