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   Jan 31


The other night, Megan and Rob were fast asleep. It was, after all, 1 am, a perfectly reasonable hour to be doing so. In fact, most of us expect most of us to be doing just that. They were yanked out of sleep by Star barking her head off. Now, neither of their dogs are […]

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   Jan 28

One Man’s Trash…

Last week’s storm brought us 7.25 inches of rain in three days, along with the second power outage of the season. It’s hard to believe now, with the sun shining brightly and not a cloud in the sky. It looks like I may have to start watering the garden again soon. Watering will be easier […]

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   Jan 23

Covet: Splendid Shoes

The last couple of “Vogues” had some amazing shoes, especially if money is no object and you mostly travel by limo or taxi. In the December issue, these plaid Rochas beauties ($980): Amusingly, they were in the “gifts for country girls” section, along with a lavender chicken who lays multi-colored eggs. As I observed on […]

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   Jan 21

Out & In

Sorry, poodles, I was swept away in a tsunami of work, rain, and power outages. But I’m back! I missed you, too. Since we last saw our heroine, she has both recovered her beloved MacBook and acquired a brand-new Pee Cee. This seems very appropriate for a Gemini, and in fact it is completely in […]

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   Jan 17

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Also inside. Let’s put it this way: when I got up this morning, Audrey leapt gracefully on top of the propane heater instead of madly clawing at the door to go out. The propane heater has a thermostat, which tells you how warm it thinks the room is and also how warm it has (supposedly) […]

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   Jan 16

Where You Lead

Heading to aquafit on a chilly, dark winter morning, I thought about how our brother inspired Megan and me to start swimming again last year. And I realized how strongly he has influenced our lives, without appearing to do so. In a way, we’ve been following his lead. Our parents separated when Jonathan was 18. […]

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   Jan 14


My brother’s gate The other day on my way to work, I decided to drop off some curried chickpeas with spinach and Season 6 of “Dexter” (what a cliffhanger!) at my brother’s place. I always look to see that his gate is closed when I drive by. It’s a habit left over from the bad […]

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   Jan 11

What a Difference a Day Makes

Diagnosis: my iBook (or MacBook) needs a new inverter cable. Apparently years of opening and closing the lid have worn the cable, so a new one is required. The good news is that this was the cheaper of the two repair scenarios. The bad news is that it will take three to five days to […]

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   Jan 10

Wait & See

Also in the Not Working department is the Kindle Fire I received for Christmas. Sort of. The device itself, as you can see, works fine. The problem is that my router is incapable of getting along with it. I tried to persuade it to see the error of its selfish ways, but to no avail. […]

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   Jan 09


And not the good kind… Recently, my little iBook (or maybe MacBook, I was unable to answer that question and a host of others) has acquired the bad habit of blacking out suddenly, preferably when I’m in the middle of working or typing. Then I have to close the lid and reopen it, trying increasingly […]

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   Jan 07

It’s a Gas

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the Amerigas truck lurching its way slowly down the muddy, rutted dirt road that I joltingly call my driveway, heralded by Luna’s barking. “Hello, this is Luna*, your doorman.” Normally, I’m not all that excited, especially because propane is one of, if not the only, […]

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   Jan 03

It’s the Little Things

This year (well, last year), I seriously considered not sending out Christmas cards. I still haven’t reconstituted my lost address book, unless you count scraps of paper and flagged emails. I can’t really explain my reluctance to do so, other than innate slothitude and all the names I can no longer put in it. In […]

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   Jan 01


New Year’s Palms It is January, right? New Year’s Day? Because it’s 60 sunny degrees out. I actually have the sliding glass doors open! The boys are outside playing, Audrey is napping under the Christmas tree like the little gift she is: Here’s a close-up of her Christmassy cuteness: And there are flies buzzing around […]

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