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August 1st, 2013 by suzy in Country Life,Family

A day off is a rare thing. And yesterday, it was also a beautiful one.

Megan and I both had the day off yesterday, and the weather was beautiful. Warm enough that we didn’t need the sweaters we brought, but not too warm, since we could walk around without sweating. There was a lovely breeze off the ocean, and the Village looked like a postcard:

We stopped in at The Attic, a little shop filled with wonderful things. I know the owner and he happened to be there that day, so I introduced Megan and caught up on his news. He is moving after Labor Day to a house on Main Street which was the village dentist’s home and office until the 1920s, right next to the wine shop. I think that will be a great location for them.

Next we meandered around the bookstore. I had forgotten my birthday gift certificate and made a mental note to carry it in my wallet from now on. Not only does the bookstore have a resident cat, Catsby, it also has a lovely view of the ocean:

I just adore a bookstore view!

We took Star for a walk along the Headlands. I am proud to say that our CGC accredited girl was perfectly good when meeting yapping, barking, out of control dogs and didn’t react at all. Are tourist dogs as annoying to local dogs as their humans are to us?

Here is Star posing like the good girl she is in a field of ice plants:

Megan’s sharp eyes spotted a bird having a very enjoyable bath in a tidepool:

He or she was having a wonderful time, splashing around, ducking under the water, and preening.

The rocky, wild coast looked beautiful:

Looking toward Big River Beach, where my amazing brother took the Polar Plunge earlier this year:

Driving across that bridge always lifts my spirits. There’s something serene and special about that place. Maybe it’s the meeting of the ocean and the river?

After our walk, we went to the grocery store and picked up a few things. We stopped at the deli in Little River for lunch. It’s one of the best-kept local secrets. They make the best BLTs, and you can eat them overlooking the ocean:

Usually, there are horses in the paddock, but yesterday, they had the day off, too.

It was a perfect day.

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Sounds like as you said a perfect day indeed, glad you were able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos.

A day of perfectness! So glad you had such a wonderful day…..

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