Letters from my 11 year old friend Jessica, and mine to her.


Dear Suzy,

How are you? I am recovering from a cold, but other than that I am doing fine. What’s new? Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day? I am planning a Valentine’s party! Might not happen though. 🙁

What’s the weather like over there? [We live about 30 miles apart, but due to California micro climates, the weather can be very different at my house and hers.] It’s raining over here! yay! I hope that you get lots of rain! [We are in the midst of an epic drought.]


Jessica XO XO


My dear Jessica,

It was a delight to receive your missive in the mail. I find that mail is often remiss when it comes to missives, consisting as it does primarily of bills, junk mail, and other suboptimal reading fare.

We have had no rain since the mighty storms which stole our power and cast us into darkness for far too long. I know you were powerless for even longer than I was & enjoyed it even less. We require civilization.

Speaking of which, your penmanship is exquisite. As are you.


Suzy XO XO


Dear Suzy,

Your handwriting was so pretty that I could not read it! As you probably know, I recently spent three days with my father. While I was there, I was surrounded by idiots. But enough of that. How have you been? I do hope that you have gotten some rain, for it has been far too dry.

I do hope that I can see your fabulousness again soon.




My dear Jessica,

It is a sad fact of life that girl really finds form and function in the same place. Usually, things are either beautiful or useful, but rarely are both. Fortunately, you and your mother are exceptions to this rule – and exceptions are more delightful than rules.

It might help to think of my writing as mysterious, ancient runes, or have a secret decoder at hand (or on your hand).

I checked the rain gauge the other day and it was gasping with dryness. It is in serious need of a drink. I may be reduced to watering it myself, & that almost always leads to hose wrestling, which is no pastime for a girl of my fabulousness.

Speaking of fabulousness, I hope to see yours soon as well. It has been far too long for my exquisite taste.


Suzy XO


Dear Suzy,

As I write this, it is drizzling outside. Perhaps it is the precursor to the monsoons we so desperately need. I hope that this letter finds you in good health. I have recently recovered from a ghastly runny nose that decreased my brain size to ten brain cells. And now my mother has caught this horrendous illness, along with a terrible earache. If this horrid plague reduces your brain size so greatly, I shudder to think of what effect this would have on normal people.

In this time and place, medicine is thankfully easy to come by, but that was (and is) unfortunately not always the case. Be thankful for your large brain, for it may help you survive if the plague should come your way. I do hope that you get some rain.


Jessica K

April 4, 2015.


My dear Jessica,

Happy birthday month! In honor of your arrival on earth many, many years ago, I decided to take pity on you and type this letter rather than make you decipher my runic scrawl. Even though practice does make perfect, and I heard that Old Lady Kesenheimer might include secret codes and runic writing in next semester’s classes. You never know what she’ll do, though.

You may well be wondering why there is a fragment of a January calendar adorning this particular missive. There are a couple of reasons:

  1. I came across this drawing I made for my father when I was a couple of years older than you are and thought you’d like it; and
  2. I was unable to scan the whole thing into one picture, so I just picked the nicer one of the two. You will find that life often consists of choosing the lesser of two evils.

Speaking of evils, I’m sorry to hear that you were beset by the plague and hope that it has left you and gone far afield to select another (more deserving) victim.

Wishing you rainy skies and sparkly days.


Suzy XO

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2 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Love,love,love Jessica’s letter to you, Suzy… She is really quite a girl. I don’t think she suffers fools lightly!


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