When I arrived at work on Wednesday, my co-worker Erin told me that when she arrived at work that morning, she found both front doors unlocked. There’s a door that leads to the lobby, and another door that goes into the shop/office. Erin went in and called out, looking for intruders. Fortunately, no-one had decided to set up camp in our bathroom or steal our computers – or the many bottles of wine in the conference room – but we both found it unnerving.

We had left together with a couple of the guys still there the night before, and apparently they didn’t think to check the doors before they left by the back door that leads to the alley where we park our cars.

Speaking of the alley: when I went out at lunch, there was a police car in the alley, blocking my car with its lights on and windshield wipers going. A glance down the street revealed the police themselves trying to wrestle a screaming person to his or her feet outside of a bar. By the time I came back from bringing Monica glossy magazines and a bag of food for the rescue dogs, they were all gone. I was glad that Megan wasn’t at work, since I’m pretty sure they were headed to the ER.

Then I got the email from my boss telling me about the repeat performance in the city next week (though having said that, he still hasn’t made the appointment with the photographer and/or told me about it, so stay tuned).

All in all, a pretty weird day, all the way around.

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3 comments on “Weirdsday

  1. Guy Charbonneau

    Weird indeed, never a dull moment in your little town, one has to watch their every move and of course, their backs so it looks like.

  2. Joy

    Good idea, if you have any trouble, to press the Panic Button on your car remote entry ignition key – hope your car is not too old for one . It makes an almighty racket….

    You do have an interesting life!!
    Maybe A should get you another car with all the travelling you have to do for the company! jx

  3. suzy

    Car is too old for those remote unlocking things. I will be sorry when I have to get a car which has one.

    I don’t think someone who had to cut my pay by 15% a couple of months ago is going to buy me a car, with or without a remote! 🙁

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