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   Oct 02


Traffic on the Bridge

Happy divorce day to me! My long-awaited divorce becomes final today, after a decade of being separated and dealing with paperwork. I am celebrating with a brief visit to San Francisco. It’s purely coincidental that I’m here on D(ivorce) Day; I had a day of meetings planned on Thursday and hopefully lunch with my partner/boss.

I’m celebrating with a glass of wine while I wait for my friends at Lemongrass to bring me a fashionably late dinner.

Heading home on Friday, but if I can get it together – always a big IF – I’d like to go to the De Young Museum for the Bulgari exhibit. Yes, Bulgari is vulgari, but it should be fabulous nonetheless. A visitor to the jobette today told me that there is a wonderful exhibit of butterflies in the nearby Conservatory of Flowers, so maybe I can fit that in, too.

We’ll see…

In the meantime, cheers! Here’s to freedom, closure, and delivery Thai food (where is it, anyway?)!

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  1. Guy Charbonneau says:

    Congratulations Suzy, here’s to your new freedom: After the rain, the grass will shed its moisture, the fog will lift from the trees, a new light will brighten the sky for you. Enjoy the Thai…

  2. Alison says:

    Congrats! I hope you enjoyed the hell out of your wine and your Thai food.

  3. suzy says:

    Thanks! I did! 🙂

  4. LisaB says:

    I cannot believe how much time and effort it took to get that done! You must be relieved to have it finished. (I’m jealous about the thai food, btw. Don’t mind me, I’ll just go over here and eat some more potatoes and cabbage.)

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