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December 13th, 2013 by suzy in Cats,Country Life,Garden,Weather

Inland snow

The record-breaking cold snap is finally beginning to lose its grip, though it’s still a lot colder than it should be. It’s beginning to feel like the White Witch is running things around here – always freezing, no rain. At least it’s stayed above freezing the past couple of nights and the pipes have stayed unfrozen, which is the way I like them.

Yesterday I took a walk around the garden and I must say it was dispiriting. Anything that wasn’t zapped by the extended deep freeze had been eaten by Mark’s rabbit. I’m finding it a lot less cute right about now. At least the indoor paper whites are beginning to bloom.

As for the Christmas tree, every morning I collect the ornaments from the floor and put them back on again. Maybe the woodland theme was an especially bad idea. Today I found all of the acorns on the floor, and most of the snowflakes had fallen, not as pretty a sight as the picture above, taken in the county seat last Friday.

It seems that I forget every year about the cats’ propensity for playing with ornaments and attempting to take down the tree until it’s too late. Then it’s a six week battle until I put the tree and ornaments back in the box, swearing never to do this again. And just plain swearing.

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We are going through a cold spell ourselves, it was minus 31 with the wind this morning when I took my early walk and we are expecting another 15 to 20 centimeters of snow Saturday night over Sunday morning, winter is upon us indeed. The cats seem to be in a Christmas spirit or they just don’t like the Holidays, just kidding, cats will be cats and anything that shines or ne, they go after it.

That’s a lovely photo. We’ve always been lucky that Cato shows no interest in ornaments. While it sounds charming, I’m sure it gets old picking up ornaments every day.

A beautiful winter sceneā€¦.where is this?
Thank goodness our cats are no longer interested in the Christmas tree or the ornaments. It used to be such a nuisance. Mind you, I have not yet decorated the bannisters – they generally love the greenery there.


It’s the county seat, Ukiah.

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