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   Jun 30

Megan’s Marathon

One procedure down, so many to go… Dentist B recommended a specialist in lovely Healdsburg, the heart of Sonoma County’s wine region. I’m sure it would have been fun to go there for shopping or wine tasting instead of a root canal, as Megan did yesterday. As it was, the specialist’s office was very fancy […]

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   Jun 27

Weekend Update

Audrey’s new hangout I followed my sister’s advice and complained to the Motel 6 manager. He apologized and is going to mail me a gift certificate good at any Motel 6 in the entire US of A. I said thanks, but privately wondered why companies whose products have disappointed you offer you more of the […]

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   Jun 26


Drinking bottled water really makes the recycling pile up, my friend. I notified Rob a couple of days ago that one of the recycling bins was full, even by his exacting standards (you would not believe how much stuff he can jam into one bin). The dump is only open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, […]

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   Jun 25


Stand back! On Wednesday, there was hazy sunshine, so I decided to use my newish-to-me washer to do the laundry and hang it outside to dry, thus saving propane and the planet with one easy stroke. But the sunshine was even lazier and less effective than the local spiders, and soon vanished, presumably to go […]

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   Jun 24

Suzy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Mike’s most recent post reminded me of a long-ago episode in the sitcom of my life, starring Dad, Self, and a cast of thousands. Spiders, that is. I spent a summer brat-bashing on the French Riviera when I was in my teens. Despite the presence of, you know, children, it was pretty much the best […]

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   Jun 23

Pee Wee’s Playhouse

Audrey chilling in her clubhouse. No grown-ups allowed! Not ready for her close-up The girls have always been good at adapting to whatever circumstances they find themselves in. First, they went from the safety of their mother to the weirdness of my loft, the converted woodworking shop of a Victorian coffin factory, where they shared […]

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   Jun 22

From Bad to Worse

Let’s review. In the past couple of months, I have lost two of my three adored (and adorable) cats. My sister’s dog hurt her leg, then she hurt her leg, then her cat

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   Jun 21


The reason I couldn’t park in front of my house when I returned from my botched Santa Rosa jaunt was that Mark is re-doing the wacky water system on the property. Everyone’s cars were parked at the front for several days to make room for the work. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except for […]

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   Jun 20


I was drinking my thimbleful of coffee and reading Postsecret, my usual Sunday morning routine, when I noticed a movement under the stairs. It was a mouse! I screamed, spilled coffee everywhere, and looked for Audrey, who was peacefully sitting on the back porch, having a bath and completely oblivious to the terror of her […]

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   Jun 19


The new bees I’m not sure if I have already reported the sad but true fact that our bees didn’t make it through the long, cold winter, but they didn’t. Unbeknownst to us, their hive was open at the bottom, so it’s likely that they froze to death. Bees like it warm and toasty, and […]

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   Jun 18

It Takes a Village

Is that a treat, or are you just happy to see me? Since Megan’s been sidelined by her ongoing injury – two weeks since her MRI and no surgery date in sight – she’s had to ask for help training Star. We want to keep the training sessions going, since the newspaper piece should appear […]

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   Jun 17


Audrey in sunlight and shadow It was country dark by the time I got home. The city-dwellers among you would be shocked by the totality of the dark, with no streetlights or ambient light other than the stars and a crescent moon. Driving through the tall redwoods near the end of the drive (we refer […]

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   Jun 16


Like many/most/all? of my plans, this one kind of backfired on me. I really wanted to get away. I haven’t had a vacation in literally years, and the last time I left the Golden State was to go to a conference in Florida two years ago, which was a fiasco all the way around. I […]

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   Jun 15

The Surgeon Always Rings Twice

Tiny picture of Harriet as a tiny kitten It turns out that Harriet managed to dislocate her leg from her hip, if I understood all the medical terminology flying around Dr. Karen’s sunlit office yesterday afternoon. Apparently, this is quite a feat for any cat, and can usually only be accomplished with the assistance of […]

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   Jun 14

Toxic Mama

Native silk moth on my front porch As if being a part-time prisoner weren’t bad enough for Audrey, I sort of poisoned her. Just a little bit. For the past couple of months, she’s been scratching a lot, and I had several flea bites. Advantage is expensive, and at the time, I had three cats […]

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   Jun 13

Prisoner of Love

Poor Audrey. In the short space of a week, she’s gone from having a fun, cool mom like Lorelai Gilmore to having a freaky, overprotective one like Mrs. Bates of the famous motel. If I haven’t seen her for ten minutes, I’m calling her and looking for her anxiously. Unlike her sister, she never deigns […]

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   Jun 13

False Alarm

The same afternoon Rob put the flyers up at the store and the post office, I had a call from a woman who said she’d seen June. My heart leaped. “Where?” I asked excitedly. “In the long grass by the field where the bull is.” “Near the store?” “Yes.” Now, the store is more than […]

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   Jun 12

Desperately Seeking June Bug

Evening light last night Wondering where I’ve been? I’ve been desperately seeking June Bug. As you could probably tell from the tone of my last post, I was worried about her right away. When she wasn’t there in the morning, and didn’t come in for breakfast, a little seed of panic bloomed in my heart. […]

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   Jun 05

Birthday Loot

Flowers from the farmers’ market: A beautiful card from the girls: So true! The lamp of my dreams. It’s from Monica’s store of fabulosity, and I have longed for it for months. It was well out of my price range, but Lu and Megan chipped in and got it for me! I cried. It’s handmade, […]

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   Jun 04

Not Up to Code

Rain on the honeysuckle As you can see, I gave myself a new look for my birthday! According to my birth certificate, I was born at 10:38 am, which I think is a very civilized hour. So many babies insist on interrupting their mother’s beauty sleep to be born in the middle of the night. […]

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