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   May 31

Walk Keys

About twelve hours after Megan and I parted ways with Lu at the Wharf, we met up at Big River. Ligament tearing seems to be all the rage these days, since both Schatzi and Lu’s dog Marco (who can be admired here) are sidelined with the same injury. Schatzi will see Dr. Karen next week […]

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   May 29

Girl Talk

Yesterday was a fabulous girl extravaganza! Erica called and said that she and Jessica were looking at a house about three miles down the road from my place, so they’d stop by and say hello afterwards. The house won’t actually be available to look at until next week, but they had a look at the […]

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   May 26

Birthday Dinner

Birthday pie Because, really, who doesn’t like pie better than cake? I have to admit that I kind of threw together Megan’s birthday dinner. I couldn’t think of anything, but then I remembered that she likes a recipe I haven’t made for a while, and I had everything to make it except the chicken broth. […]

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   May 25

Birthday Kisses

Megan gets a kiss from Shiloh, Monica’s foster puppy It’s Megan’s birthday today. For the first time we can remember, her traditional birthday BBQ has been rained out. When we were giving Schatzi her walkette yesterday, Megan mentioned that Hooterville’s longest and most beloved resident had recently told her that one year long ago the […]

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   May 24


Early morning ficus shadow against the ceiling What’s more annoying: the cats prying the door open so a cold breeze immediately freezes you (bonus: expensively heated air wafts out at the same time!), or having to get up when you’re in the middle of something (and/or insufficiently caffeinated) to let them in or out? I […]

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   May 23

Hide & Peek

Spot the Audrey One of the things about having no closets in your house is that you have to find different ways of storing your stuff. I have storage bags which fit under the bed and are nearly hidden by the not-quite-long-enough bedskirt, parts of which sport a bouclé effect due to Audrey’s illicit attentions. […]

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   May 22


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: It’s 35 degrees outside, dark enough that I have the lights on, and it’s pouring. The cats and I are huddled by the heater, the girls in their fur coats and me in two unmatching sweaters. The calendar claims it’s May, but I think there’s been a […]

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   May 21

Fast-ish Food the Suzy Way

For example… When my friend A used to model internationally (that was before she got her PhD in pure math and a job at an investment bank in London, of course), she told me that food stylist was one of the hardest jobs in fashion. I can now see the wisdom of this since I’ve […]

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   May 20

Unenjoyable, That’s What You Are

My driveway, in all its puddled glory Yesterday was one of those crappy days we all have, though that doesn’t make them any more enjoyable. Also, it never makes me feel better knowing that other people are having a crappy time, because, really, I only care about Me. It was raining again, in blithe defiance […]

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   May 19

Eviction Notice

Repeat Offender Dear Rain, I only use the word “dear” as a formality, since it is well-known to both of us that I do not like you, Sam I Am. Not in the day. Not at night. Not in the woods. Not leaking through my roof. I would like to remind you that your term […]

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   May 18


Steller’s Jay Thud! I looked up from my work to see a slightly stunned and stunning Steller’s Jay sitting on the back deck. It had flown into my sliding glass doors. He must have needed glasses, because I can tell you for a fact that they are not Windex-clean. I watched him for a little […]

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   May 17

The Hooterville Star

Star meets squirrel Well, today’s a bit of a set-back. Raining outside, heater on inside…sound familiar? Maybe I should move to Hawaii. Or Bora Bora. Yesterday, Star met a puddle while walking on the family property. You can tell that she was kept in most of the time in her former life, since puddles and […]

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   May 16

Good News

The good old days First of all, the truly important news: Schatzi does not need multi-thousand dollar surgery! [Pause while the crowd goes wild] Thank you, thank you. Dr. Karen said we should keep her on the anti-inflammatory for another week, but continue giving her the Chinese herbs for another six weeks. We can start […]

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   May 15

The Literary Cat

Hey! For the first time this YEAR, I don’t have the heat on. OK, I am wearing a sweater, but still. I consider this a personal triumph. Bonus points since the door was slightly ajar this morning and no untoward visitors such as raccoons, skunks, or mountain lions seem to have taken advantage of that […]

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   May 14

Le Ragoût Suzé

Caution: May be yummier than it appears My unsurprisingly slapdash method of cooking makes it a little challenging to share my recipes with my adoring audience. That, and my father’s legacy of using up leftovers. Dad grew up outside London during WWII, and endured the seemingly endless rationing after it, so he never wasted food. […]

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   May 13

Help Wanted

Despite my summary rejection last year, I’m still looking for a part-time job. I have to admit that I hoped that the Rejection Company would regret their foolish decision in hiring someone other than Me and beg to get me back. After all, whoever they hired couldn’t possible be as fabulous as Self, and surely […]

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   May 12

Lucky Lady

June, the Huntress One of the many things cats can teach us, besides parlaying cuteness into a life of idleness and how to maximize nap time while minimizing work of any kind, is patience. Above you see the Beautiful June Bug on the prowl for mice under the back deck (a rather grandiose term for […]

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   May 11

Green Onions

My grandfather (left) and a pal go for a spin Washing the dishes this morning made me think of my grandfather. Maybe it’s because today is his birthday. He suffered from arthritis in his hands, and found washing the dishes soothed the pain. He used to sit on one of the red leather topped stools, […]

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   May 09


Thud! Splat! That was my head exploding and falling off. It’s raining yet again. I can’t remember it raining in May since the evil El Nino winter of 1996-1997, when it rained from September until May, and rained every single goddamn day in February. I worked in a cool old brick building in downtown San […]

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   May 08

Contest Chicken

Megan and I had a busy day yesterday. In anticipation, I started dinner in the morning. I know that sounds crazy, but I knew that neither one of us would want to battle our wholly inadequate kitchenettes by the time we got home, and boy, was I right. I could barely make the effort to […]

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