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   Jun 26


Well, I wrote a post a few days ago, and then I got paranoid and deleted it, and then I had second thoughts and thought I’d restore it, but it seems that when WordPress deletes something, it stays deleted. Told you decision-making was not one of my strong suits. Last Friday, my boss/partner called me […]

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   Jun 20

The Grand Tour

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this is actually my job. Well, jobette. And that they pay me to do this! A few days ago, I left work around 11:00 am to go on a tour of artists’ studios. This is a new local business, and the tour operator wanted to take around some people […]

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   Jun 15

Birth of a Garden

I’ve been promising you some pictures of the garden party palace over on the family property, and here they are at last! The whole thing started back in March. Or maybe February. Making a garden here in the pygmy is not as easy as it is in most places. First of all, you have to […]

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   Jun 13

Problem Solved

One of my many defects as a grown-up is my inability to make a decision. My usual method is to procrastinate until one course or another becomes inevitable, and then go with it as though it were my idea all along. Sometimes a girl’s sloth gets unfairly rewarded in this manner. Remember my concerns about […]

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   Jun 11

The Party’s Over

Well, for this year, anyway. On Saturday, we had my family birthday celebration. It was at my house for a change – Jonathan’s place has become the summer party pad, mostly due to the fabulous 80 foot by 80 foot garden, equipped with two barbecues, a fire pit, and hay bales to sit on. Now […]

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   Jun 09


File under “D” for “Digit” Well, Wednesday was a little unexpected. I thought I’d have a relatively quiet day, since most of our staff would be at a meeting out of town. Turned out, I was the one at the meeting out of town. The CEO called me and said that no-one else could attend […]

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   Jun 07

Party On

It’s been quite the birthday week so far, and it’s not over yet. On Tuesday, I returned to the jobette a year older, but no wiser (definitely sneezier, though). On my desk was a beautiful card, filled with even lovelier sentiments* from everyone I work with, and a bright pink straw tote bag (I guess […]

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   Jun 04

Half Century

Rainy birthday to me! I woke up to rain pattering on the skylight. I could hardly believe my ears. At first, I thought it was dreaming, but no. At least I won’t have to water the garden today. Megan and Rob did a better job of getting the cats in at night when I was […]

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   Jun 03


Grant Street, the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown Well, I’m back home in my humble Hooterville abode, and it’s my birthday eve already. I haven’t even told you about my trip to the City yet. So little time, so much slacking! But then, Slothfulness is one of my special skills. After my meetings on Thursday, […]

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