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November 18th, 2013 by suzy in Car,Country Life,Friends

This morning, I dropped Miss Scarlett off to get two new tires put on, just in time for the rain that’s supposed to arrive tonight. Tires have a short life expectancy around here – they’re basically all members of the 27 Club. Maybe not even that old. If they last two years on the rocky, rough, rutted country roads, you’re doing well. Which is why I always feel like I’m buying tires. Because I am…

After leaving the car in the capable hands of the tire technicians, I walked to the jobette. It was nice to walk in the cool morning air, but a couple of blocks down the street, I was honked at. It turned out to be my friend Liz from the pool. She said they were all worried about me – I haven’t made it to the pool in the past couple of months due to my crazy work schedule(s) – and missed me. I explained some of what had happened and she was really sweet. I have promised myself to go tomorrow.

As I walked down the street, I felt so lucky to live in this odd little corner of the world, where people actually care about you, and to have somehow landed here, surrounded by friends and family. On Friday, we had a late season BBQ at my brother’s place with our friends Rik and Lu (and their dog Harlow, who is Star’s BFF), Lichen, and my siblings’ land partners, Dave and Jennifer, who were so kind and helpful during the Great Schatzi Search this summer. They are buying the property along with my siblings, and one of these days they will have a house on their half of the 68 acres, so they will be neighbors as well as friends.

The sun was setting and the moon was rising when I arrived:

My brother was manning the grill and everyone else was gathered around the fire pit*:

Lu and Rik went on a medical mission to Honduras earlier this year, where they helped villagers who hadn’t had any medical help in months or even years, and they are going back in February. They specified that they wanted to be posted to same village so they can check in on the same folks they met last year and see how they’re doing. I’m so proud of them for caring and making a difference, not just here but abroad as well.

After dinner we sat by the fire feeling as relaxed as Harlow looks here:

It was a good evening with good friends.

*Which used to be a well ring.

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You’re truly surrounded by caring and gentle people, warm just like the fire in your photo, have a great day.

Nice. Harlow looks very cute. I can’t imagine having to buy tires every 2 years. We need to get some winter tires for the new car and I’m not looking forward to that.

Harlow is a beautiful dog. She was the runt of the litter. Megan fostered her before Lu and Rik adopted her so she’s still part of the family.

At least we don’t have to buy snow tires, right?

Suzy, Rik and I so love hanging out with you all. I’m sure you have since heard of my fall with grace ! Lu is in need of a timer for tub time. LOL. Sure is not so fun to be on the receiving side of a medical situation. I told Megan , it was a test that they all passed ! At least I am fortunate that I was in the best hands, with Megan , Jonathan, and Rik. I had my own EMS team ! Love to you all

We love you too!

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