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Ironically, after posting that last entry about how much I hate driving, I went to the DMV yesterday. Ever since I got my license, I have renewed it by mail, but this year, I got a notice saying that I had to go in person. I couldn’t help wondering if it was because I’m about […]

February 3rd, 2012 by suzy in Country Life,Family,Life in Oaktown 3 Comments

Sorry to scare you all with the tale of things that go bump in the night. If we’re not worried, you shouldn’t be! There are still no locks on any of our doors, and so far, we haven’t had any more late night visitors. I still feel about a zillion times safer here than when […]

July 9th, 2010 by suzy in Bullshit,Life in Oaktown 3 Comments

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled fluff to express my profound disappointment with yesterday’s verdict in the Johannes Meserle trial. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the case, Johannes Meserle killed Oscar Grant, an unarmed man, on the platform of my former BART station last New Year’s Day. Mr. Grant was […]

The same afternoon Rob put the flyers up at the store and the post office, I had a call from a woman who said she’d seen June. My heart leaped. “Where?” I asked excitedly. “In the long grass by the field where the bull is.” “Near the store?” “Yes.” Now, the store is more than […]

Heavy Petting
August 31st, 2009 by suzy in Henry,Life in Oaktown 3 Comments

Henry hangs out Here’s a first: Henry was more interested in being petted than eating this morning. He came running to greet me as usual, with his gruff yet muted meows, but after I put the food in his dish, he followed me when I went to put the measuring cup back into the food […]

Whew. That’s over, at least for now. I was thrilled to wake this morning to the welcome sight of the fabulous fog wrapping the palm trees in glamorous glory. The girls are no less delighted than I am, and are racing around the house instead of wilting furrily by the door, gasping for any errant […]

August 17th, 2009 by suzy in Henry,Life in Oaktown,Moving 6 Comments

Yesterday afternoon, I was eating hummus and watching a re-run of Monk when my landlords appeared at the front door. Since the doorbell doesn’t work, they actually said, “Knock, knock”, though I failed to ask who was there, being fully occupied by being totally surprised. They had come to operate on the poor, sickly lawn. […]

Though not suffering from a lengthy (and, I’m sure, in the hot’n’humid east coast summer) stinky strike like my friends in Toronto, there has been a certain level of garbage-related weirdness around here lately. A bunch of kids play at the cul de sac end of my short street. Sometimes they play basketball – the […]

Home Again
July 27th, 2009 by suzy in Cats,Henry,Life in Oaktown 4 Comments

The kittens’ mother, Quince I couldn’t resist posting this photo of Quince yawning. The girls were glad to see me when I got home. I could hear them galloping to the door when I put the key in the lock. They sniffed me and my baggage suspiciously, possibly smelling Other Cats, or just the country […]

July 13th, 2009 by suzy in Family,Life in Oaktown 7 Comments

The last of the backyard plums, June 24. Wow, guys. I can’t believe that not one of you wanted to trade with me, even for a weekend. And here I was, thinking I might have missed my calling by not becoming a professional writer of real estate ads. See if this* changes your mind! In […]

Life Swap
July 8th, 2009 by suzy in Cats,Henry,Life in Oaktown 5 Comments

Since a summer vacation is out of the question, I thought I’d try a new concept: Life Swap. You get to be Me, and I get to be you. It’s a limited time offer, though I’m sorry to say you won’t get a free gift* if you call now. Here’s what you’d get: Bijou residence […]

I stopped in at the (un)Lucky after depositing my paycheck at a nearby bank. It was around 6:00, so the lines were long. I should have known better, and I did, but I wanted to pick up a bottle of wine, and Lucky is less expensive than the liquor store and cracketeria (though no-one at […]

The two brain cells I have left have melted. It’s been mind-numbingly hot yesterday and today, especially in the convection oven known as Chez Suzy. Here’s what I’ve done today: – Crawl out of sweat-soaked bed. Drink cold coffee. Kind of gross, but better than the alternative of putting something hot into already overheated body. […]

Friday was finally sunny after weeks of fog and clouds. Though we don’t get rain this time of year, I do find day after day of overcast skies depressing. I don’t know how people who live in notoriously cloudy and rainy locales like Seattle can stand it. So the sun had definitely lifted my spirits […]

L’Ennui Suzy
June 15th, 2009 by suzy in Henry,Life in Oaktown,TV 4 Comments

Lately, I’ve been catching up on the most recent season of Damages. Yes, it ended in April, but I usually wait until a TV series ends, then download it, so I can watch two or three episodes at a time instead of having to wait a week for a new one. Not to mention avoiding […]

Supper Surprises
May 9th, 2009 by suzy in Cats,Life in Oaktown 3 Comments

I was making dinner, and I heard someone calling what sounded like my name, louder and louder. You know how it is: one minute you’re peeling garlic* and the next minute some guy’s going all Marlon Brandon on your ass. I dropped my pungent peeling and went out on the porch to investigate. The girls […]

I was startled awake by an unexpected (and unexpectedly heavy) shower this morning. I dashed outside in my pajamas, to the detriment of my velvet slippers, and grabbed Henry’s dishes and bed. By the time I got to the back porch, I would have won the neighborhood wet PJ contest. I propped the door open, […]

April 1st, 2009 by suzy in Henry,Life in Oaktown 2 Comments

Buried treasure I had a date with Plumber* Robert today. He arrived early, which a girl always appreciates, and brought an end to my washing machine woes, which I think we can all agree is better than flowers (though not better than chocolate or wine). Apparently, the problem is that all roads to lead to […]

The Creeping Menace
February 15th, 2009 by suzy in Henry,Life in Oaktown 5 Comments

My father, who loved birds and kept a list* of every single one he had seen since the age of five, used to joke that the birds who frequented his garden must tell all their friends about the excellent cuisine to be found there, since it was a feathery Grand Central Station. Sunflower seeds, breadcrumbs, […]

2008 Recap
December 31st, 2008 by suzy in Henry,Life in Oaktown No Comments

In which our heroine attempts to adjust to life in exile. January: Cool Cornell. Sharks and Energy Domes. Film Noir Fabulosity. February: Water bill weirdness. March: Long-awaited license plates. April: Bad day. Great week. Blog birthday (7!). Breaking and entering. The beginning of the Florida Fiasco. May: Middle and end of the Florida fiasco. June: […]