September 2012


I woke up yesterday to sunshine and Roscoe cuddled up against me. It was the rare and delightful teddy bear cuddle, too, where he has his back to my chest […]

Days of Future Passed

Long ago and far away I have been keeping in better touch with my former neighbor Patrisha since she lost her beloved dog Hamish, so I have recently learned more […]

...While the Sun Shines

Star (left) and Schatzi (right) On Friday, Megan and I went to the Farmers’ Market in the Village. I have to admit that the Farmers’ Market has become somewhat less […]

Fairly Wonderful

Megan worked four long night shifts last week, so she woke up on Friday afternoon, my one day off that week. We realized that the County Fair started that day, […]


I woke up to a 54 degree house this morning. I’m beginning to take the birds seriously. First the migrating cranes have indicated that we will have an early winter […]

It’s kind of surprising that I have gotten to this advanced age without having worked retail before. Or waitressed, for that matter. Nearly everyone I know has done either or […]


Things have been busy in Suzy-land since I last checked in with you, faithful readers. My blog was hacked, though I can’t imagine why, unless there’s a severe trivia shortage […]

Thursday kicked off with a visit from the money fairy while I was asleep. The money fairy really doesn’t visit me often enough these days. I actually thought she had […]