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Radio Nowhere
May 30th, 2011 by suzy in Dogs,Family,Special Occasions 4 Comments

Because nothing is too good for you, Faithful Reader, I have spared you the grumpy mood I’ve been in over the past few days. The unseasonably rainy weather did absolutely nothing to improve said mood. Today it’s merely grey and depressing. For some reason, when you get a long weekend, it feels like you get […]

The Rainmaker
May 25th, 2011 by suzy in Family 2 Comments

Dad and Megan Well, this is getting to be a bad habit. I woke up to rain on my sister’s birthday for the second year in a row. As I made coffee and the cats ran around outside, getting wet, spiky fur, I considered the fact that Megan once went to visit Dad in London […]

Audrey peeking out from the side of the house I think all the kitties were happy to see me, though I also think they are equally happy when I’m gone and they can scamper in and out of the house, playing and napping at will. Come to think of it, I’d like that. When I […]

On my last day in the city, I decided to stop in at the de Young museum to see the Balenciaga exhibit, after picking up cat food, a cinnamon doughnut from Bob’s, and pizza from Victor’s. All the necessities. Oh, and getting gas. At $4.39 a gallon (as opposed to the relatively low, low price […]

Hello & Goodbye
May 20th, 2011 by suzy in San Francisco 2 Comments

View from my motel window I thought I’d be blissfully blogging away while in the city, but I ended up doing a lot more work than I thought, and we all know work = no fun, and no fun = no blogging. Even the jobette has affected the number of my posts. Sometimes I ponder […]

Busy as…
May 16th, 2011 by suzy in Country Life,Friends 5 Comments

Our bees Last week was busy, but between the job, the jobette, and a couple of writing gigs, I still managed to have some fun. Megan and I attended a meeting of local beekeepers at the library one evening. The group meets once a month, though this was my first time, and they had a […]

May 14th, 2011 by suzy in Country Life 3 Comments

No, not that kind (though how ’bout those Sharks?) – the yard sale kind. I headed off down the Ridge on this grey morning to check out a local yard sale. I have been filled with envy ever since one of the guys at the jobette told me that he got a table, umbrella, and […]

May 12th, 2011 by suzy in Country Life 6 Comments

Burn, baby, burn Well, I’m afraid that I have officially gone to (hay)seed. First, I lost my ability to talk on a cellphone in traffic or deal with the sights and sounds of homeless people (how did I ever take all that sadness in stride, all those years I lived in the city?). Last night, […]

How to Relax
May 8th, 2011 by suzy in Cats 3 Comments

Clyde style Roscoe style Audrey style

May 7th, 2011 by suzy in Dogs,Family,Friends 2 Comments

Meet Jasper! I met Jasper and his steadfast guardian Rebecca last weekend. Megan and Monica have added community outreach to their regular rescue activities. Rebecca needed some help getting Jasper neutered. He has a heart murmur, so anesthetizing him for the surgery is complicated and expensive, and Rebecca can’t afford it on her own. In […]

May 6th, 2011 by suzy in Country Life 1 Comment

Well, it appears that spring has sprung. The rhododendrons are in bloom, the birds are singing, the cats are scarce, and there’s pollen all over my car*. The tulips have all blossomed. Only two of them were the frilly purple ones advertised on the package. There were a couple of yellow ones: A sort of […]

Birthday kiss Happy Cinco de Mayo, y’all! We should be sitting in my garden drinking margaritas in the gorgeous sunshine, admiring my tulips. If only life were really like that. I’ve blogged about Cinco de Mayo before, but this year we have something extra to celebrate. It’s Star’s birthday! She’s three today. As you may […]

May 4th, 2011 by suzy in Country Life 1 Comment

As I mentioned, it was a nice walk to the eye doctor’s office. Here’s what I saw along the way: Small town sign. It reminded me of a hand-written note I once saw on the door of a shop in Bar Harbor: “Open when I’m ready. Closed when I’ve had enough.” The only remaining vestige […]

Seeing Is Believing
May 2nd, 2011 by suzy in Country Life 3 Comments

Guess what? I have contact lenses! When I graduated to bifocals, I stopped wearing contact lenses. I figured, why wear contacts when you have to have reading glasses anyway? And reading glasses tend to be glamor-impairing, not to mention destroying a girl’s carefully preserved illusion of youth*. But technology has improved in the meantime, and […]

Megan and I were lucky enough to have tickets to see the Flynn Creek Circus last week. It was just what we needed to cheer ourselves up after the Sad Day. Lest you think us heartless, I hasten to add that we bought the tickets long before we had any idea of what would happen […]