July 2016

I got up so early on Hell Day – I mean Staff Day – that Clyde just stayed in bed, like a sane person. Audrey of course bustled out to […]

Date Day

Thursday was date day! I met my friend Randy for lunch and after work, I had Friday eve drinks with my friend Jim. Randy used to own a lovely antique […]

Garden Girls

Enjoying the View Saturday was a postcard day, one to gladden the hearts of tourists from anywhere – and they are from anywhere and everywhere. On my way to work […]


One morning, I heard a text while I was getting ready for work. Usually, texts at 6:00 am are from my sister, who is still at work after her long […]

Family Style

I didn’t love being woken up at 5:30 on a Sunday morning, aka the only day of the week I can sleep in. Audrey, however, is uninterested in the sloth […]

Wonderful Wedding

Lu & Rik’s Wedding Invitation The invitation definitely set the tone for Lu and Rik’s wedding. Drawn by Rik’s daughter Rachel, it invited us to a “BBQ bash and wedding […]

Whirlwind Week

It was a busy week, full of friends, family, and work! I had lunch with a dear friend on Tuesday. She is scaling back at work since her father was […]

The Kitty Report

Birthday Girl It’s the ninth anniversary of Audrey arriving on the planet and showing it who’s boss this Saturday. She shows no signs of slowing down or becoming less obnoxious […]