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September 4th, 2013 by suzy in Travel

Reno Sunset

Wow, this bad in room coffee is even worse than usual. It has a strange, chemical edge that is slightly alarming. Not that I’ll stop drinking it, since the alternative is to (gasp!) get dressed and find my way through the vast, smoky casino to find a coffee place.

Yes, I’m coming to you from Reno, which is pretty much the antithesis of Hooterville.

It was an epic drive. I took Highway 20 the whole way, which is mostly a two lane road. Left the house about 10:15 and got here just before 5:30. I stopped off for lunch in Colusa, where Megan and I rescued Star three years ago, and gassed up Miss Scarlett once, and, OK, yes, I got slightly lost once, but still. Come on! I’m hoping there is a speedier route home, while simultaneously pushing the thought of the drive home from my mind with the big janitorial broom I keep for the purpose.

It is amazing how long you can drive and still be in California. I didn’t reach Nevada until the last 15 minutes of the drive, though I unaccountably passed signs saying Nevada County no fewer than three times, all on the same road. Passed the Donner Pass and thought about the doomed Donner Party and that amazing book* I read about it a few years ago, and also how my furniture got stuck there when I moved to Oakland. There were lots and lots of signs about tire chains (required in the snowy winter), and it was a little surreal to see ski lifts idle on the “golden” hills.

Got a glimpse of blue Lake Tahoe before coming into Reno and passing under the iconic arch. I haven’t been here since the 1980s, when I saw Frank Sinatra at Harrah’s, and had forgotten the arch has a sparkly thing on top, like its own tiara. I’m all for the sparkle.

Arriving (finally!) at the hotel, it was impossible to figure out where the hotel entrance was, though it was, oddly, very clear where the casino entrance was. I went in and asked where registration was, and was met by a wall of smoke. I asked if people smoked everywhere and the employee said, “Not in the lobby and the restaurants.” So, like, everywhere.

I checked in and decanted my bags in my smoke-free, Liberace style room. Even the TV has a gilt frame and there are mirrors everywhere. I went to the spa to try and get my peeling manicure replaced, but they were out of appointments and there’s no time to get it done this morning, since the spa opens at 9:00 and I have to be at my meeting at 10:00. Hopefully they will not notice the state of my nails, since they are guys.

On the bright side, they emailed me this morning to say that they are very casual at the office and wear shorts, so that takes about an hour off of getting ready time, and I can leave the dress up clothes in the suitcase. Once the meeting is over, it’s time for fun!

*It’s called “The Indifferent Stars Above” and is a fascinating read.

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I so enjoy how you describe everything in detail, one feels he’s there with you. Hope you can get through your meeting and get to enjoy yourself. Have fun and take care of yourself.

Big sky! I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the non-smoking laws in Canada. Nevada sounds like Paris. On our first trip there, Jennifer and I sat in the non-smoking section of a restaurant; unfortunately, the smoking section was the next table over.

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