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Radio Nowhere
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Really, I should change my blog’s name to DogBlog, since my almost-dog seems to be my favorite topic these days. I’ve had Miz Rita’s company for almost three weeks straight, so I’m beginning to feel less like the Other Owner (much like being the Other Woman, only without the guilt and scandal) and more like […]

Campy Camp
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Fear of Fashion
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Mom Musings
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The Frivolous Day
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Death & Taxes
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My mail is delivered to a post office box. Partly because the building was out of mailboxes when I moved in (remember, no-one is supposed to live here), and partly because I can go and get the mail when I feel like it, instead of having it just appear, like an uninvited guest. The truth […]

Escorting Miz Rita around has made me notice my surroundings more, especially now that she’s the Dog Detective, meandering along and sniffing thoroughly to discover who’s been there and what they’ve been up to. It seems that investigation is more interesting than chasing the ball these days, though she remains the terror of pigeons and […]