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September 8th, 2013 by suzy in Travel

Heavenly Hooterville

Once again, I managed to leave a hotbed of gambling without actually gambling. Even though I had $15 in slot machine credit as part of the gift certificate package.

The casino part of the sprawling hotel complex was super depressing to me. It was dark, smoky, and the ceilings seemed really low, even though I am not known for my tallness. It was populated by a lot of older folks, many equipped with walkers and even oxygen tanks (!), sitting in front of slot machines like zombies. I know casinos are supposedly orchestrated to make you want to stay there, but it made me want to flee.

Outside, it was very hot and other than the historic district, it seemed to be a maze of well-maintained highways without much traffic, and lots of malls, ditto. The setting is lovely, surrounded by mountains and desert, but the city itself is definitely not. It doesn’t even have the kitschy glamor of its big sister, Las Vegas. There’s probably a good reason that I went more than 25 years between visits.

It did make me appreciate Hooterville more, though. After three days in the air conditioning, I just wanted to open a window and breathe fresh air. I was so happy to sleep with the balcony door open (and the screen door closed) on my first night back. Not to mention rolling down the car window when I reached the redwoods on 128 and the first glimpse of the ocean.

There’s no place like home.

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It is so sad to see the older people sit in front of machines that can only take away more of their money but most important, take their health. To do this instead of taking walks, feeling the air brush against your face seems so useless, I’m happy to say I will not let gold or money take away my health and freedom. Your so right, home sweet home is the place to be.

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