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Radio Nowhere
October 29th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 5 Comments

This morning, I discovered that there are worse ways of being woken up than the alarm clock, the phone, or the eternally barking neighborhood dogs. June bit my toe! Really hard! And despite being swathed under blankets, it was both painful and surprising. Really. Biting the toe that feeds you. I hasten to add that […]

October 24th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 2 Comments

It’s been in the 80s over the past few days, which both the kittens and I find a little on the toasty side. My sister thinks it’s the “last hurrah” before winter sets in, but the forecast says otherwise for now. To be fair, winter is harsher where she and my brother live (colder, with […]

Political Pumpkin
October 23rd, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 1 Comment

The kittens wanted a pumpkin this year (last year, they were too young), so I duly got them a nice organic one, kitten-sized. Once I got it home, I couldn’t decide what to carve into it. At first, I thought I’d carve a couple of cats into it. I even did a drawing: Which is […]

Seen & Heard
October 22nd, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 1 Comment

Seen today: a chicken, or possibly a rooster, sitting in a palm tree. Heard last night: a couple arguing as they walked down the sidewalk. Then an audible slap and a woman’s tears. I hesitated, then went out to see if she was all right. I found her sitting on my neighbor’s front lawn, weeping. […]

October 18th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 4 Comments

There are few things the kittens enjoy more than a good box. Every time there’s an empty one, or one with things in it but the flaps open, they’re there. Nearly a year after moving, the house is pretty much box-free. The kittens loved sitting up high on the box towers, which may explain why […]

Phoning It In
October 16th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized No Comments

I had jury duty on Wednesday. It was so much easier than it was in San Francisco. Here I just called on Tuesday night, was informed that they wouldn’t require my presence at 8:30 am (who doesn’t love to hear that?), but I should call between 11 and noon. So I did, and they still […]

Today’s Mail
October 11th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized No Comments
Goodbye to all that
October 11th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 1 Comment

Here I am in traffic on the 405 on Wednesday afternoon. There’s no driving like SoCal driving: everyone’s either cutting across five lanes without signaling at 85 mph or you’re sitting there like it’s a parking lot. Imagine my relief when I finally dropped the silver Impala off at Hertz. After going through security and […]

October 8th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 3 Comments

My cheapness won out over my laziness last night. This may be as unprecedented as the turmoil in the global markets. After perusing the room service menu and discovering that the cheapest bottle of wine was $46 a bottle (or $12 a glass), I ventured out of the fancy hotel (I may have forgotten how […]

Pasadena Pastime
October 7th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized 1 Comment

Well, here I am, enjoying Frette linens and Bulgari bath goodies. It’s called working. I’m attending a conference at a historic hotel, the Langham, in Pasadena. Built in 1907 and formerly the Ritz-Carlton, it sits grandly beneath the San Gabriel Mountains. It also has the best room service coffee I’ve ever had. It almost made […]

Autumn Showers
October 5th, 2008 by suzy in Uncategorized No Comments

The good news: Kathleen’s flight was early; she had practically half a plane to herself; she’s making me an unbearably exquisite scarf of delicate red yarn which looks like lace; she was fine with the vise grip shower thing. The bad news: the landlords did get in touch with their favored plumber, and he set […]