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   Aug 31


The other day, I came home to find an unexpected express mail envelope. Sadly, there was no glamorous starlet to open the envelope and announce the contents – life is full of these small disappointments – but the contents were glamorous. A friend had sent me a gift certificate for two nights at a posh […]

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   Aug 29

At Last

A beautiful cake for a beautiful occasion In the midst of all the sadness that has come our way this August – the Official Month of Death has really outdone itself this year – there was joy. I attended the wedding of two friends who have been together for a quarter of a century, but […]

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   Aug 27

The Babysisters’ Club

Little River Sunset Everything is more fun with my sister. Even babysitting. Or “brat bashing,” as my father used to say. He also referred to school as “government sponsored daycare.” Come to think of it, he had a pretty cynical attitude for someone with several kids. Maybe that’s no coincidence… Not only are we kidless, […]

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   Aug 24


Here’s a quick recap of what happened around here lately besides the Great Schatzi Search. I have to admit that I still drive our part of the Ridge really slowly, scanning the roadside, even though I know perfectly well that Schatzi is gone. My heart is even more underachieving than my head (and that’s saying […]

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   Aug 21


Or how to make the world’s most expensive peach pie! First, you plant the peach tree: Keep in mind that this simple statement includes: Getting your friend and neighbor to come over with his heavy machinery Scrobbling up all the brush and bushes Removing hundreds of rootballs by hand (the very definition of back-breaking labor) […]

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   Aug 18

August 18

“As I walked away, he called to me, and when I turned back he said, “They’re never far from us, you know.” “Who?” I asked. “The dead. No more’n a breath. You let that last one go and you’re with them again.” — William Kent Krueger, Ordinary Grace We love you and miss you, Dad. […]

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   Aug 15


On Saturday, I took Star to the beach. Megan felt that her remaining dog was being neglected during the Great Schatzi Search and was overdue for some fun. Star hopped happily into Miss Scarlett – I remain convinced that she remembers this is the car that rescued her – and sat beside me in the […]

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   Aug 11

Gone Girl

Megan and Schatzi at Little River Inn, December 2012 Schatzi disappeared two days before the eighth anniversary of our mother’s death. Is there significance to her leaving on the 8th day of the 8th month near the 8th anniversary of Mom’s death? Or that the 8th plus the 10th equals the 18th, when we lost […]

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   Aug 07

Clyde Update

It’s been all Clyde, all the time this week. If I’m not fussing over him in person, I’m worried about him while I’m at work. I’m lucky that Megan is off this week, so she has time to pay house calls to her fuzzy patient several times a day. By the time I came home […]

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   Aug 06

Calamity Clyde

Who needs Bonnie when you’re Clyde? He can get into enough trouble on his own, thank you very much! I had the day off on Saturday, time to hang out with the kitties and catch up on my reading and watching mindless TV. About noon that day, I noticed that I hadn’t seen Clyde in […]

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   Aug 04

Frantic Friday

Wonderful Wednesday was followed by Frantic Friday. I worked an extra shift at the jobette in the afternoon/evening, and had a few things to do before hitting the office: Stopped at the post office to mail a package. The woman at the head of the line left her wallet on the counter to get something […]

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   Aug 01


A day off is a rare thing. And yesterday, it was also a beautiful one. Megan and I both had the day off yesterday, and the weather was beautiful. Warm enough that we didn’t need the sweaters we brought, but not too warm, since we could walk around without sweating. There was a lovely breeze […]

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