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   Sep 29

Deliciously Delightful

After our safari adventure, we spent a little time looking around Point Arena, which, with a population of less than 500 people, is one of California’s smallest cities, if not the smallest city. Here’s a look at the main street: On the right, you can see the Arena Theater, one of the few remaining independent […]

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   Sep 25

South Coast Safari

I am always amazed by how many wonderful places and things there are in our County. A beach made of glass. Another that looks like bowling balls. Lighthouses. The City of 10,000 Buddhas, a working monastery which is open to the public (and has peacocks wandering around its gardens). And the B Bryan Preserve, which […]

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   Sep 22

County Fair

Apple Jack Welcomes You! The County Fair is definitely one of the highlights of the year for me. Megan and I headed out of the coastal fog and into the warm sun of the valley. We parked in Megan’s secret spot and headed for the gates, where we were met by Apple Jack and had […]

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   Sep 18

Driving Me Crazy

You guys know that I’m not too crazy about driving, right? My chief objections are that it’s both too fast and slow, while being simultaneously boring and terrifying. My siblings’ years of EMS experience have taught me that the faster you drive, the worse the outcome if you crash, but of course you want to […]

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   Sep 15

Last Things

Megan decided that the time had come to give away Schatzi’s remaining meds. They were very expensive, and some of them were liquid and wouldn’t keep. Dr. Karen gives these donated meds to clients who can’t afford them. We did the same thing when our mother died. At least something good can come out of […]

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   Sep 13

Small Town

I was perched on the couch (my usual, non-ergonomic workplace) working on a project* when there was a hello at the door. This time of year is when we get our summer weather – less fog, more sun – and all the doors were open, so knocking wasn’t necessary. Even if the doors had been […]

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   Sep 08

Home Again

Heavenly Hooterville Once again, I managed to leave a hotbed of gambling without actually gambling. Even though I had $15 in slot machine credit as part of the gift certificate package. The casino part of the sprawling hotel complex was super depressing to me. It was dark, smoky, and the ceilings seemed really low, even […]

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   Sep 05


Good morning, Reno! This morning, I trekked down to the lobby to get a coffee which turned out to be maybe 50% better than the alarming in room coffee. Maybe it’s something in the water. I miss my French press. I returned to the room with the coffee and an almond croissant (Why not? I’m […]

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   Sep 04

In Reno

Reno Sunset Wow, this bad in room coffee is even worse than usual. It has a strange, chemical edge that is slightly alarming. Not that I’ll stop drinking it, since the alternative is to (gasp!) get dressed and find my way through the vast, smoky casino to find a coffee place. Yes, I’m coming to […]

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   Sep 03

Birthday Boy

Happy birthday to my amazing brother, he who runs into burning buildings to save strangers, fights wildfires, rescues people who fall off cliffs, and plunges into the frigid winter Pacific for charity. He who works on his sisters’ cars because he doesn’t trust anyone else to make sure they’re safe. He who lives entirely off […]

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