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   Nov 28

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! I always say that organization is the key to surviving the holidays, but delegating helps, too. As I type, Jonathan is making the stuffing, meaning that I get out of peeling chestnuts, which has now been officially decreed to be in violation of the Geneva convention. I did buy all the stuff for […]

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   Nov 27

One of Those Days

Oh, it’s been quite the morning so far. The little heater I use in my uninsulated and otherwise unheated bathroom crapped out on me before my shower – hello, 50 degrees! – which was not quite warm enough despite only using hot water. On emerging from the warmish shower, I reached, glassesless, for the pink […]

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   Nov 24


So I gave myself a little treat this morning. Most days, I get up in the cold and dark, and you know how I love that. Today, it was still dark-ish, and the house was 46 degrees F (7C). I let the demanding Miss Audrey out, put on the outside lights, and then put on […]

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   Nov 23


So yes, we did get the rain. Two and a half inches of it in three days, though we are now back to sunshine and I fear that I will once more be watering the garden with icy cold water before too long. On the rainiest of the rainy evenings, beset by logging truck backwash […]

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   Nov 18


This morning, I dropped Miss Scarlett off to get two new tires put on, just in time for the rain that’s supposed to arrive tonight. Tires have a short life expectancy around here – they’re basically all members of the 27 Club. Maybe not even that old. If they last two years on the rocky, […]

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   Nov 14

The Cat Report

It’s 11 am. Do you know where your kitties are? If you’re Roscoe, you are still asleep, curled up in your nest of pillows. Roscoe is very appreciative of my pillow fetish. When he comes in at night, he has dinner and then goes right to bed, cuddling comfortably in feather pillows until it’s time […]

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   Nov 11


Apparently, I am more exciting than a beautiful Fall day. The sky is a cloudless blue, the doors are open, and the cats…are all sitting with me instead of playing outside. Such is my considerable personal magnetism. Or maybe I have just been away too much recently. Before I left San Francisco on my way […]

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   Nov 07


A lot has happened since I last checked in with you from the 27th floor of my Atlanta hotel. I woke up before the alarm (and wake up call) at 6:15 am. Despite utter lack of use, my ability to cope with time zone changes and lack of sleep while traveling has not atrophied. The […]

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   Nov 05

Home of the Braves

Atlanta at night It was a long, long walk through the Atlanta airport. This turned out to be a universal source of amusement for everyone in the know, which turned out to be everyone but Me. Apparently I should have taken one of the train things labeled Gates A, B, C, etc. instead of persistently […]

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   Nov 04

At the Gate

Note: I am now in Atlanta. Wrote the following at SFO last night. I’m coming to you from the gate at SFO, waiting for my midnight plane to Georgia. Although there is an outlet at my seat, I can’t make the wifi work. You can’t have everything. It was a long, dark drive here. I […]

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   Nov 03

Happy Halloween!

The evil elf It was a happy Halloween this year. You may remember that last year it was raining and Erica tried everything to bribe Jessica to stay home. In case you were wondering, this is not a winning strategy. I don’t think there’s a kid alive who can resist the candy’n’costume combo. This year, […]

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