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Clyde Update
August 7th, 2013 by suzy in Cats,Family

It’s been all Clyde, all the time this week.

If I’m not fussing over him in person, I’m worried about him while I’m at work.

I’m lucky that Megan is off this week, so she has time to pay house calls to her fuzzy patient several times a day. By the time I came home on Tuesday night, Clyde had been washed off and compressed as well as dosed with antibiotics. Megan also fed him probiotics in wet food, which is supposed to help with the intestinal side effects of the antibiotics.

I had difficulty getting him to eat the wet food this morning, but in this case, the antis are more important than the pros, much like it is in Congress these days. He was notably improved this morning, brighter eyed and more alert, and grooming his fur, which was notably less caky and gross.

Clyde was also more interested in outside, sitting by the sliding glass doors instead of hiding under the bed.

The whole episode has been a strange mix of good luck and bad luck.

Bad luck: Clyde was attacked by a mysterious slobber monster in broad daylight.

Good luck: He got away. Looking at the wound and its location, the monster was clearly trying to kill Clyde. I’m thankful for whatever or whoever distracted the monster or scared it off.

Good luck: Megan is not working this week, so she’s available to take care of Clyde while I’m not there. Not to mention calling the vet and dealing with medication and all that.

Bad luck: Part of the reason she is on cat call is that her brakes are being uncooperative so she has no car until the boys can operate and check it. So she’s been grounded for her “vacation.”

Bad luck: It’s been foggy all week and doesn’t look like we’re going to see the sun any time soon. Audrey and Roscoe are stuck outside in the fog while I’m at work and they have no doorman.

Good luck: It’s cool, so I don’t have to worry about the house being stuffy and hot when I get home.

I have decided that the mysterious slobber monster is a one off and will not bother us again. After all, my sister’s cats are 12, my brother’s cat Mars lived into his 20s, and Rose’s cat Gertrude lived to be almost as old on this property. I’m sure it will be a little worrying when Clyde ventures out again, though I’m pretty sure he will avoid wherever he ran into the monster.

I’m just glad the little guy is recovering. I feel like I can breathe again.

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Series of good luck, bad luck but I would say more of the good luck side since Clyde seems to have gotten away from his pray and came away with his life.

You are so right!!

How scary! You’re so lucky to have your sister to keep a medical eye on him, that must be such a huge comfort. Fingers crossed he heals quickly and doesn’t run into any more monsters!!

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