What Would Dad Do?

Dad and his faithful friend Jesse* on Wimbledon Common.

I think of my Dad pretty much every day, but today, the anniversary of his death, I think of him a little more than usual, and maybe a little differently.

Now with the Green Acres Experiment greenlit, I’m second-guessing myself and wondering if I’ve made the right decision. When Dad was alive, I’d ask him for advice, and he was always right. Always. Whether it was a personal matter or a professional one, he knew what to do. Whereas I am the world’s oldest teenager and never know what to do.

Maybe I should be like George in that “Seinfeld” episode where he does the opposite of his instincts and everything starts going great for him.

The thing is, moving to the country is doing the opposite for me. I’ve always been a city girl, despite the fact that my sibs and I grew up on five bucolic acres and our nearest neighbors were farmers. Being somewhere without a Sephora or taxis kind of fills me with horror. But it makes financial sense, and I’ll have family and friends to support me in my new, muddy life.

The way things have been falling into place kind of makes me think that it’s meant to be. Dad didn’t believe in an afterlife, but maybe he was wrong for once and this is his way of telling me I’ve finally made a good decision on my own.

*In death, they were not divided: both Jesse’s and Dad’s ashes were scattered under a certain tree very near where this picture was taken. I said a final good-bye there after I cleared Dad’s things out of the house he and Margaret had shared during their happy years together.

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8 comments on “What Would Dad Do?

  1. Jennifer

    Would living in the country allow you the odd shopping spree/trip (now that you’re saving money)?

  2. suzy

    Maybe…I wonder if I could learn to enjoy it again….

  3. Guy

    Always do what you really feel deep down in your heart is best for the moment and time, you will never go wrong and this move is certainly not something that can’t be reversed, meanwhile you will save money and be with people you love, what more can you ask.

  4. Mike

    Mistakes are an important part of who you are. If this move doesn’t work out in the long run, then change it up and take stock in the lesson learned. Jennifer showed me this neat video yesterday that ended with a simple message: Life=Risk.

    And so it should. All I can say is go for it and you know that scared feeling that’s in your chest? Feel it and embrace it.

    Phew. I’m starting to sound like Dad…

  5. Kathleen

    I think it wouldn’t be so horrible living in the country now since there is the Internet and I’m quite the Internet shopper. Maybe if I had a job where I worked out of the house, it would be okay, but I’d hate living in the country and then have to drive into the City daily.

    And it always makes me sad that your Dad at my birthday because it makes me think that my birthday saddens you…not that it’s all about me, you know.

  6. suzy

    Mike – thanks so much. ~hugs~ And there are worse things than sounding like your Dad!!! I always enjoy his insights and observations. He’s a very wise man.

    Kat – I’m glad your birthday is in August! It makes the month so much happier! Wish I could still join you for your birthday ball game…

  7. joy

    I would think, that given what you have been putting up with over the last while, your Dad would be telling you to Go for It Suzy.
    This is not particularly an irreversible move you know… Surprisingly, the country is not such a hardship as you would think. There are soooo many compensations for living near those who love you. Just hang on to the positive sides and let go all those negatives .


  8. Amber

    well, like the others I never felt like the move was a permanent one, I still envision you back in San Francisco, mostly because that is clearly a place you’d like to be and I think it’ll happen in your life. This is just one small stepping stone, is all. I am one of those people that believe we make things happen in our life for a reason, so I think this opportunity to move into a place that is a) cheaper and b) not Oakland, has a purpose. Even if it is the country.

    And sometimes, we need a little love from our family. You know, until they drive us crazy (or well, maybe that’s just me 😉 ).

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