It’s a Cat’s Life

Henry was lounging on the garage roof this morning, the way he used to when I first noticed him. He hardly ever does that now, even though it’s sunny up there pretty much all day. Lately, he’s been scorning both his plush bed and the tent under the rosebush, preferring to sleep on the dry grass or somewhere else entirely. Sometimes I only see him when it’s feeding time.

Now he comes running partway down the driveway to meet me, and even lets me pet him before putting the food in the dish. He’s recently taken to butting his head against my hand, which I see as huge in the progress of our relationship. Maybe he wouldn’t take me out on Friday night, but I’d probably see him at some point during the weekend.

Today’s breakfast was especially challenging.

About a month ago, I got fed up with June and Audrey hanging around the kitchen, waiting to get their Henry kibbles before I took the food out to him. It was OK at first, but then they turned into vultures, and on top of that, started hanging out in the kitchen in case there was extra food, even though there never was and they drove me crazy getting in my way. So I cut them off and put Henry’s Tupperware-esque food container under the porch.

This morning, I found it overturned and in the far reaches of Underporch. I got a rake to drag it out of the depths, and I think it’s a testimony to Henry’s trust in me that he didn’t run away from the rake. He used to run away when I emptied the water out of his dish to replace it, and any lawn implement made him flee. On the other hand, he also hampered my rescue efforts, and I ended up pulling the container off the lid. I carefully pulled the food-filled lid toward me, but I won’t lie to you: there was spillage.

I fed Henry from the rescued food, and when he was out of the way, put it into the container and added the spilled food I could salvage.

All this before coffee.

Later in the morning, Henry was, as I mentioned earlier, lounging on the garage roof. The girls were of course completely mesmerized, and it was a three-way staring contest. I probably could have walked out there with a steak and they still would have kept staring at each other.

In the end, Henry showed the girls how cool he really is by yawning, turning his back on them, and strolling slowly across the roof and jumping down lightly without looking back. They watched him out of sight, and then had a nap.