The Conversation

I’ve been psyching myself up for weeks to talk to my boss about moving.

For the past couple of weekends, he’s been saying he’ll drop by – I had some articles for him about Goldman Sachs and the Madoff scandal, but he hasn’t shown up, or called. If I were dating him, I’d be devastated, but as it is, I know he just got busy doing other things. And after all, he does have a wife and children.

Finally, he stopped by a couple of days ago. We talked about a few work issues, and I was about to broach the subject when my phone rang. It was our tech/finance person with my paycheck (for some reason, she refuses to mail it, so I end up waiting around for her, or she shows up unexpectedly, like this). I went out to her car to get it, and when I came back in the house, Boss was on his cell phone, talking with a client. He covered the phone and told me he’d see me later. Waving from the car, he took off, and I just stood there for a minute. It all happened so fast.

I guess I’m going to have to talk to him on the phone instead of in person. It doesn’t seem right, but time is running out. I’m really nervous about it, even though I don’t really think he’ll say no or get mad at me or fire me or anything. Still.